My Seattle's Best 2016 Planner: First Time To Try SBC Planner

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Last 2015, Seattle's Best opened their branch in my workplace. I love drinking frappes or milkshakes but it is not readily available in my workplace before. Now that Seattle's Best is available in my hospital, it became a habit of mine to drink frappes when I lack sleep for my night shift.

Since they offered the stickers for their planner starting November, I was able to collect them all and got my planner on the first week of January.

In order to avail the free planner, you need 18 stickers. 10 regular drinks plus 8 regular drinks. It requires more stickers compared to Starbucks. I will not complain though because I really appreciate that Seattle's Best is now in my workplace, it is the closest to Frappe addiction I could get. 

I am so happy when I got my planner. It is a lot bigger than my BDJ but the leather cover is so fine that I enjoy running my hands over it. 

The sealed box contains a desk calendar, extra paper fillers inside the planner and the planner itself. 

The planner comes with a cute keychain of a SBC Coffee. You can use it separately or let it hang on your planner like what I did with mine.

There are four colors available but the available left in my work are colors Orange, Green and Yellow so I chose orange. I think the other shade is Red.

I did not expect that the planner is like an organizer! Even though the year may end, I can just change the refills of the planner inside and still use it as a notebook. 

The planner is more like a journal than a planner. It contains a lot of blanked lined pages and just one page for the whole month's schedule. 

My planner came with an audio CD of famous songs in 2015 that is being played inside an SBC place.

At the back of the planner, it contains a memo pad that is attached, I can peel one page at a time. 

There are coupons included. However one coupon is allotted per month and no coupon is the same. Some are discounts or free upgrades.

The planner also comes with free wifi access in their branches that are wifi able. There are 24 coupons of wifi access that is an hour long each coupon.

I am so happy that it also contains stickers! Although the stickers are big to place on a daily planner...I wish they have some smaller stickers.

I can now memorize the food offered in Seattle's Best because they attached their menu inside the planner, I wish there is also a price list included LOL. 

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