Revlon Photoready Eye Art: Peach Prism

Thursday, December 3, 2015


The first Elite Box of BDJ that I subscribed to contains an exclusive items from Revlon. The box includes this Photoready Eye Art in Peach Prism shade. It is a creamy liquid that can be used on lids, line the eyes and along the lash line and tips of your lashes. I can create a lot of look from this Eye Shadow Duo. 

This duo reminded me of Revlon's nail polish tubes because they have the same packaging and size. Take a note to read it carefully when you are going to buy one, you may pick the wrong product. Their packaging is so alike. 

I am glad that I was able to get a shade that is more for everyday use because I heard from other subscribers that they got a very dark shade. 

It took a long time for me to review this because it was not a priority on my list but I am now sharing it with you after testing it. 

Brand: Revlon

Type: Photo Ready Eye Art

Shade: Peach Prism


Product Description: 

Ingredients: No listed ingredients on packaging. 

The brushes are different. The Eye shadow has a foam-like wand while the sparkle side contains a fine pointed brush wand. 


The colors are bold metallic shade and highly pigmented. One layer is enough to color my lids so this duo eye shadow will last a long time. 

When I applied the eye shadow cream, I felt a cool sensation until it dried on my lids. I find it refreshing and I enjoyed applying it. 

There is a lot of creative looks you can create by playing around with this duo eye shadow.  The shades are shimmering gold and it can be worn both on days and night. 

It is long lasting, it stayed on my eyes even though it cracked and flaked until I removed it at home. 


I needed to use other brush to blend the eye shadow although it is easier to blend with my fingers. The included wand contains too much product and it tends to apply thick cream on my lids if I will use it solely for the application and blending of eye shadow. 

I think this product will be perfect if not for the hardening of the cream after it dried. This happens when I apply the glitter on top of the eye shadow. After several hours, I noticed that it started to crack and flake. Wearing the eye shadow alone though does not cause this problem.  

I tried using it on the tip of my lashes as the product said it can be used on lashes too but it irritated my eyes when I tried to scratch it. I did not attempt to try it again. 


With Eye Shadow Only

With Eye Shadow and Glitter

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 625php

Where to buy? Revlon Stores (Watsons', Beauty Department Stores)

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