MySlim: Your Ally This Holiday Season!

Thursday, December 3, 2015


Dieting is one of the hardest task for me when it comes to losing weight. I prefer going to the gym and work it out than feeling like starving due to lessening the amount of food that I take. 

I practice working out and following some dietary plans but I am not consistent. When I lose some weight, I tend to stop it then when I start gaining, I do it again. Discipline is very hard for me when it comes to losing weight. 

I am so happy that I got this care package from mySlim because I will be able to jump start my dieting program again. mySlim Yerba Mate Drink is known to the market as it is also being endorsed by Ms. Jennylyn Mercado. I saw a lot of ads and I always wondered if it will work for me. I will finally be able to try it, thanks to this package from mySlim! I am excited to try it because I read reviews that it is an effective detoxifying products and that it still tastes good. 

mySlim is the first slimming and detox drink are clinically proven to promote safe weight loss with its special Yerba Mate formulation. Yerba Mate reduces fat without shedding lean muscle mass and only burns unwanted fat, making an individual fir and healthy. It is also packed with Palatinose which promotes energy for longer periods of time. It also has Carnipure which reduces the sensation of hunger therefore reducing one's food intake. 

I am always afraid to try out detoxifying juices available in the market because I am picky to the flavors and I am not a fan of juiced vegetables. With mySlim Yerba Mate, I can now detoxify and still enjoy the drink. 

Also mySlim has a lot of variety I could try that may suit me best. It is available in liquid, powdered drinks in sachet and capsules.

I will tell you about my experience in details in another post as my review. I will test it for the long run first.

mySlim was developed by Vida Nutriscience Incorporated, one of the leading health and wellness products provider in the market and the country's go-to provider of safe, novel and ethical health and wellness products. To know more about mySlim, visit, or like and follow their social media pages myslimPH on Facebook, and myslimdetox for Twitter, and Instagram.

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