MeNow Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick: Shade 005

Saturday, December 19, 2015


Nude shades are always on top of my list so when I bought MeNow Soft Matte Lipsticks, I put the nude shades first on my cart. So, this shade will be the first I will share with you my readers. 

This shade reminded me of MAC's limited edition Enchanted One, it is similar but this Menow Shade Number 5 has a more brownish undertone. I will post a separate for photo on the closest shade it can match on my stuff.

Menow is made from China, at first I was hesitant because China made products usually contains Lead on their lipsticks to make it more long lasting. I tested this one and it did not darken when I tried rubbing metal on it so it is safe from Lead at least. I read a lot of mixed reviews depending on the shade that you got. Some shades can be quite grainy while some are impressive. So it is really a hit or miss on this brand, however with its price, you won't lose much in trying it out.

Let us now check it out!

Brand: Menow

Type: Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick

Texture: Matte

Shade: 005

Weight: 4.5g

Product Description: This liquid lipstick instantly lifts and hydrates lips. Gives rich, creamy, long wearing color. 



It indicates the manufacturing and expiration date on the box. 

For a matte lipstick, it is easy to glide on the lips although at times when my lips are already dry, it tugs a little. 

The lipstick is highly pigmented and one layer is enough to show the opaqueness of the color. 

It lasts for 3 to 4 hours. It does not easily transfers on fabrics or utensils.

I prefer to use it as a lip liner though more than as a lipstick.


The lipstick has no taste or I do not like to wet my lips when I use this because it has a little unpleasant feel. 

Even though it is a soft lipstick and a powdery matte, it still causes dryness on my lips on prolonged use. 

It does not leave stain and it can be removed by eating. The lipstick settles on dry patches of the lips. 

The lipstick is not retractable so prepare yourself in sharpening this pencil.


Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 3/5

Price: 149php

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