Beauty Mnl Haul: Menow Kiss Proof Soft Lipsticks

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Shopping at Beauty Mnl is a little addicting specially when I saw this Menow Lipsticks that only costs 149php each lipstick. The brand is new to me but I am curious to try a soft lipstick that is matte and affordable. I hoarded 5 pieces to try, I wanted to buy more but the stocks are sold out so I settled for these shades. I just checked it before posting this and it is still sold-out. Its a nice idea for a gift too! 

The lipsticks need sharpeners but Beauty Mnl offered a free sharpener for every purchase of at least two lipsticks. (I wish that even if you surpass two lipsticks, you will also get more sharpeners. Like for every two lipsticks there's a corresponding one sharpener. But it is only per transaction of at least two lipsticks.) 

The box contains an insert about the lipstick and on how to use it. 

So on this package I only got one sharpener for my lipsticks. Still, its a good investment. I can use the lipstick as a base, as a lipstick alone or even as a lip liner! The possibilities are endless! 

Just shop at to be able to avail promos and enjoy your shopping experience. 

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