Shu Uemura: Avenue Sunset

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Thanks to Kaycee of, I will be able to try a Shu Uemura lipstick for the first time! I got it from her blog sale. The lipstick has no box but it is only swatched and still very fresh.

I searched online and learned that the lipstick that I got is a limited edition from Shu Uemura! The lipstick is from their Vision of Beauty Haute Street Collection. There are four shades released and the Avenue Sunset is included in that collection. 

Let us now check it out!

Brand: Shu Uemura

Type: Rouge Unlimited Lipstick

Edition: Limited

Weight: 3.2g

Product Description: (Taken from Shu Uemura's website) Formulated to give long lasting supreme moisture and comfort. 

Ingredients: I'm sorry I cannot find one even on the internet. Since I do not have a box, I was not able to share it with you.


The lipstick looks red but when applied it has an orange tinge based shade. The lipstick also looks that it will give a highly pigmented look but it is sheer that it is easy to control and build up the opaqueness that you need.

With its extreme moisture, it is easy to glide upon application. Even with its creamy texture, it does not have a sticky feel on my lips. It is easily removed but it leaves a light stain on my lips. 

Even though it is an orange based red shade, it still complimented my skin tone. I get compliments that the lipstick shade looks nice on me whenever I use it. (I am an NC15-20 user.)


It does not last long. Easily removed with drinking and eating.


Buy again? 90%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: 1,200php (I think) on Shu Uemura stores. (I got it for 500php from Kaycee, thanks again!) It is a limited edition lipstick, I am not sure if it is still available but from Shu's online website it is still available internationally.

Where to buy? Shu Uemura shops. (Trinoma)

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