Sailor Moon: Moon Rod Black Eye Liner

Saturday, November 7, 2015


At last, I finally have the other limited edition variant of Sailor Moon Eye Liner! If you remember, I already reviewed the Sailor Moon Moon Stick Black Eye Liner, Bandai also released a Moon Rod style and I said from my previous post that I will try to have it too! I love Sailor Moon and I love makeup, it is a totally worth it collection for me. 

The Moon Rod and Moon Stick contains the same eye liner, the cap is the only difference. I will be sharing pictures only. For my review, you can read my previous post here.

Now, I am so happy I get to complete a limited edition makeup for once! Glad to have these babies on my vanity area. At least I can transfer the caps to refills. 

If you want this eyeliner, I got it from Lalix Online Shop on Facebook. Look for Ms. Clarizze Pedraja, the owner.

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