Dream Come True: LED Mirror & Powerbank in 1 Compact

Friday, November 6, 2015


Yes, it is totally a dream come true for a girl always on the go like me. I always keep a small mirror inside my cosmetics purse. I am always online as much as possible for Viber and Instagram updates that is why drained battery is always my problem, my solution is to always bring my charger with me. I already tried a lot of powerbanks that are not branded and all it did is disappoint me so I ditched it. Most powerbanks that I used can only charge up to 20% of my battery. I promised myself that one day I will buy a branded powerbank. 

Until I saw this compact mirror with LED light that also acts as a powerbank from Suesh stall in Trinoma on my birthday last November 5. My boyfriend and I are strolling around after we ate lunch. When I saw this, I am ready to buy it but my boyfriend insisted to pay for it as a birthday gift for me.

It is also perfect because the day that he purchased this for me, they offer a 10% off discount. The LED Mirror and Powerbank costs 1,450php. We got it for 1,305php instead. It is available in any Suesh shops and their online website. Stocks are limited so hurry and purchase now if you want it. Suesh also offers 3 months service warranty.

Let me now share with you the amazing added collection to my beauty obsession. This compact mirror contains two mirrors. The other side has a LED light. I feel like I have my vanity mirror with me now wherever I go. I can check out my makeup even if it is dark. The brightness of the LED light can also be controlled. It can be bright, dim or blinking. 

The only downside is you can't use the LED light and charge your device at the same time. If it acts as a mirror, you cannot use it as a charger. If you use it as a charger, your LED light will not work. Also, remember that the LED light also gets its energy from the powerbank. So if you used up your powerbank's energy, do not expect that the LED light will turn on.

On the brighter side though, you will not need batteries like the other LED mirrors because the battery is already built in as a Powerbnak.

The capacity of the powerbank is 3000MAH. That is already a good deal, 3000MAH can fully charge a one device. You want to know how to compute it? Just divide the Powerbank's Capacity with your battery's capacity, the total would be the number of device it can fully charge. I use Samsung Galaxy S3 that has a capacity of 2100mah. So, 3000mah/2100mah = 1.4 (So at least one device that is fully charged.).

I am not sure if the powerbank's quality of my mirror can do this since I haven't used it as a Powerbank yet. Hopefully it charge my device full.

The compact mirror and powerbank comes with a three way USB Port. A port for the android devices, port for the latest Ipod/Iphone models and a port for the old Iphone/Ipod models. 

Nice, right? Go check it out at any Suesh stores! Have a great day!

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