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Friday, October 2, 2015


Ever since I tried the black liquid eyeliners, I wanted to experiment on adding drama into my eyes. So when I saw this on sale from US, I asked my Mom to buy me a few colors. 

My sister and I both asked for the clear one because we thought we can use it for a dramatic eye look. While the gold and blue color can add a bolder look for my eyes.

Let me now share with you my thoughts on each shade.


The Stardust reminded me of Etude's tear drop liner that I always wanted to buy but never did. I am excited to try this and I did as soon as I got my hands on it.

Product Description and Ingredients: 


It is really affordable. I suggest you just use it over your eyeliner just to make it sparkly. The fluid is clear so when you apply it, it just looks like you are applying the glitters only.


When it dries, it looks like rheum around the edges of the eyes. It peels off easily and the glitters spreads everywhere on my face. So tricky to use. The eyeliner dries quickly too.

It cannot do what I expect it to, the teardrop look with this Elf eyeliner is utterly fail. Also, it does not last long.


When I want to create an Egyptian style makeup, I know that I needed a good set of gold colors. That is why I also chose this shade. It is better than Stardust but I cannot use this for an everyday look at work. 

Product Description and Ingredients: 


The color is a vibrant gold. The dried look of the eyeliner on my eyes is intact and does not look like rheum.


It does not stay long. The glitters also go all over the place.


Shades of blue are great to use in parties. That is why I got one from Elf too. This Cobalt Blue is way better than the Stardust and Copper. It has a metallic like appearance and is very pigmented.

Product Description and Ingredients:


The color is bold and vibrant. It is my first eyeliner that is metallic in color.


It is a little hard to apply the eyeliner evenly. You need to add few more layers to make it look intact.


Buy again?

Stardust - 0%

Copper - 50%

Cobalt Blue - 70%

Over All Rating:

Stardust - 1/5

Copper - 2/5

Cobalt Blue - 3/5

Price: $2

Where to buy? Elf Outlets Internationally. It is not available in the Philippines.

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