Vanity Area Make Over Part 1

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Part 1


The photo above is my messy vanity area, everything is just placed inside. I already shared to you from my previous posts that I am planning to have a make over on my room, specially my vanity area. I already started one change at a time.

I am ready to share you the newest addition to my vanity area. My new vanity mirror! I always wanted to have one of this mirrors, specially when I saw a customized one from my schoolmate who is now a known makeup artist, Ms. Joane Kathlyn. If you wanted a makeup artist, check out her Facebook page link here.

So when I finally saved up some money, I ordered one right away! I bought this mirror from @prettytoolbox in Instagram. The mirror's size is 17x20 and in matte black. I got it for only 1,900php plus shipping fee. The customized name costs an additional 150php. I also ordered her limited edition padded case for only 350php. 

My name is in metallic gold.

Since I have a new addition to my vanity area, I decided to clean up and free up space on my vanity table. So check out my "After" photo of my vanity area. 


I am thinking if I should get some acrylic organizers for my makeup stuff to sort it better. Acrylic organizers are expensive so I am hesitant in buying one specially since I need plenty of it. To think, the items on my vanity area are the those that I usually use, I still have more that I need to add in this area and the stuff that I haven't reviewed yet, I temporarily stored it in a box first. For now, I stored my palettes and foundations on the vanity table's compartments.

Can you recommend shops that sells affordable acrylic cases? Any suggestions on how I can improve the sorting and storing of my items? Feel free to share it below. Have a great day!

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