Experience Natural Care "Down There" With The New pH Care Naturals

Friday, September 25, 2015


If you are an avid reader of my blog, you will know that I love using natural products as much as possible because they are more gentle and the side effects are lesser. I see a lot of people already going for all-natural whether on organic food, health supplements or even on personal products like for hygiene and beauty items like me. Why not? We can protect ourselves more when we address our problems with a more natural way as much as possible. 

According from a study, did you know that 1 out of 3 Filipinas have at least once used a natural solutions for the intimate area? Here comes pH Care's innovation to come up with a nature's wonders bottled up through two popularly used ingredients like papaya and guava leaves. 

The two new pH Care Naturals are named pH Care Naturals Papaya and pH Care Naturals Guava.

Papaya is rich in Vitamin A known to break down dead skin cells. Papaya is also known to help in whitening and soothing inflammations when used on skin. For the Guava, it is rich in Vitamin C that helps in protection of cells thus reducing risk for cancer. When used for skin, it hydrates and it works as an anti-bacterial.

Now, imagine these natural ingredients infused on your feminine wash. Great, right? The folks behind the best-selling feminine wash pH Care have an intimate understanding of the importance of caring for your feminine area and they expertly combined the properties of these winning natural ingredients with mild and yet effective the intimate care products.

pH Care Naturals Papaya

There are a lot of factors that can influence a woman's confidence when it comes to donning that swimsuit, including puson problems and cleavage consciousness. But one other common insecurity many women have is dark skin in and around the feminine area, and this is something they can feel self-conscious about even in the comfort and privacy of their own rooms and bathrooms. And, while there are many products for whitening dark skin in other parts of the body, most of these aren’t safe or suited for use in intimate areas. But now, pH Care has a new whitening feminine wash variant that uses natural ingredients, so you keep the sensitive area fresh and fair. The new pH Care Naturals Papaya is powered with papaya extract, so you get fairer skin in as early as 14 days! And since we know papaya is one of nature’s wonders when it comes to skin-whitening, you’re sure to get only the best results with the mildest ingredients.

pH Care Naturals Guava

Even if you’re not overly concerned with dark skin, you may still want a feminine wash made from natural ingredients that will still keep your intimate area fresh and clean. After all, in a hot country like ours, sweat can lead to discomfort, even body odor, and infection—and it’s worse when it involves the feminine area! But no need to worry; pH Care Naturals Guava has been specially infused with guava leaf extract, which is well-known for its cleansing and anti-bacterial properties. In fact, the use of guava leaves for intimate care is a traditionally renowned practice passed on from generation to generation. So if you’re among the 33% of Filipinas constantly seeking for natural solutions “down there,” then give pH Care Naturals Guava a try. It will naturally deodorize the area so you can feel confident regardless of outfit, activity, or even weather. It has quite a refreshing scent, too!

Both new variants smells refreshingly like shampoos! It is also mild and gentle for my intimate area compared to other pH Care variants that I tried before. The Guava variant has a cooling effect after use.

Now, you can be assured of natural care “down there”, para fresh and clean na, odor-free pa! It is clinically tested to be safe and mild for everyday use, it is even approved by OB Gynecologists!

What are you waiting for? The NEW pH Care Naturals Intimate Wash is available for P49.50 (50mL) and P104 (150mL) at leading supermarkets, drugstores, and beauty stores. 

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