BYS: Blush Duo In Miss Pink

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Using BYS Cosmetics is new to me and after trying out their Nude 2 Palette, this blush duo that was included inside my BYS Makeup Pro Box is my next choice to post a review about. 

To tell you honestly, I am very when it comes to blushes. I always wanted a blush that looks natural and yet lasts long. So until today I haven't found my holy grail for blushes, I love trying many brands and from each of this brand, I love trying out each variety. 

Now, let me share with you my review for this BYS Blush Duo. 

Brand: BYS

Type: Blush Duo

Weight: 5g

Product Description: 



Having two shades in one case made it versatile for me to experiment on it. I can mix the two shades or just simply choose one color for my makeup of the day. For people who are starting their makeup collection, this is a good blush duo that you can invest on because you can have three shades of blushes in one compact case. Isn't that amazing?

The blush is very pigmented! It instantly colored my cheeks. Besides being affordable, this blush did not made my skin break out.


Just because it is very pigmented, it turned out very powdery and dusty. Whenever I apply it, I cause a little mess, so I suggest you put a cover to your clothes first before you use this blush. The dust of the excess powder can drop and stain your clothes for the day.

Needs patience for the extra blending time. It is highly pigmented that I need to blend it well because if not, my cheeks will look so obviously wearing a blush makeup. Remember, blend it well.

For a highly pigmented blush, it does not last long. Even with a use of a setting spray, setting powder and primer separately or combined. It lasted at least 4 hours for me so I need to re-touch in the middle of my shift at work. Also, the blush fades unevenly so re-touching is really a must!


Lighter shade vs Darker Shade

Buy again? 70%

Overall Rating: 3/5

Price: 349php

Where to buy? Watson's Store and SM Department Store.

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