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Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Let us talk about eye shadow palettes, if you read my review of Estee Lauder's matte eyeshadow palette - I stated their that it was my first palette with the highest number of shades included. Lately, I am getting addicted in collecting eyeshadow palettes (specially with my frustration that I cannot afford to buy my most coveted Urban Decay Naked). I also reviewed and swatched the new Nudes Palette from Maybelline. 

Now, with BYS collaboration with Glamourbox, I availed a BYS Makeup Pro box and I am so happy when a new palette was included inside my box!

This is my first time to try out the cosmetics from BYS because the only things I always use from them are their nail polish collection. It has a lot of variety.

I got the Nude 2. I am a little disappointed because I was hoping that I will be able to get the Nude 1 because I am compulsive that way. I always wanted to collect the first edition before the next one. Now, I am itching to buy the Nude 1 Palette just to collect and review it. 

The Nude 2 Palette from BYS Cosmetics also consists of 12 shades. It is a close dupe of Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette. If I will really compare it the shades look similar to Naked 2 but it is also very different. I hope you get what I mean. 

The palette comes with a two set of dual ended brush but I usually do not use the free brushes included in every makeup item that I got. Most of the times, I use my own brush set.

Brushes included inside the palette.

The palette has a adhesive plastic protecting it when I opened it. It prevented the dust of the eyeshadows from dusting. I appreciate that the BYS thought of this, most makeup items are just exposed from the inside.

The palette also came with a wide mirror. I use this advantage when I am too lazy to sit on my vanity area to create my eye look of the day. I just sit on my bed, use this mirror and palette then just blend it with my Real Techniques Brush.

For the details of my review, let me now outline it for you.

Brand: BYS

Type: Nude 2 (12 eyeshadow palette)

Edition: Permanent




Just having a variety of 12 shades of eyeshadows is a great advantage for me. From this palette, I can create many looks depending on my mood. I can go as natural as nude like I do not have any eyeshadow on or I can be as bold as having a smokey eyes. 

For a affordable brand, this palette lasts long even without the use of a primer. It survived my 16 hours shift without re-touching and still looks intact. Now that is what I want in my makeup stash, no touch-ups needed.

The colors can be worn both day and night. It has a wide mirror that can also serve as my mirror when I am applying the eyeshadow on. It makes the application easier.

I love that the shades has their own names because it is hard to share to others what shades you are wearing when you post a Makeup of the Day look on your social media account. 


Some of the shades are chalky and creates a little dust upon application. So what I do is that I swipe the brush lightly first on a tissue or the back of my hand to dust off excess powder. It is tricky but still very manageable. I noticed that the matte shades are more floury than the shimmering shades though. 

It is not that pigmented, the tendency is I have to build up more layers so I can create the opaqueness that I want. 

There is no weight included on the packaging. Most eyeshadow palette consists 0.5g per color. For the BYS, I have no idea but most likely it is within the same range.

The brush included is not high quality but I already expect that for every product that I use that has an included brush. That is why I still suggest you should invest on a good brush set.


Buy again? 100% (Definitely yes! I wish I could share a palette to my readers too! It is so nice that I wanted to spread the happiness just by using this palette!)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Price: 1,199php

Where to buy? Any Watson's store or SM Department Stores (Beauty Area). I really suggest that you buy the BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox though because you will need to pay 1,100php plus shipping fee. In that box, you will get either Nude 1 palette or the Nude 2 then a whole lot of full sized BYS products. 

To know more about BYS, like their Facebook page here

To avail the Glamourbox Makeup Pro Box with exclusive BYS items, go to the link here.

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