BDJ: Global Glam 2015

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

BDJ Beauty Social 2015: Global Glam

I started being active in my blog after attending several events from BDJ. I created my account back in 2005 but I only post at least twice a year. I started being active I think around year 2013. It started to inspire the passion inside my to share my thoughts and experiences as a beauty junkie. I will never forget that inspiration from BDJ because until now I am still inspired to write and more dedicated to share more of my challenges as a beauty blogger. Thank you so much BDJ!

I signed up for the event and I got two topics. I always choose the one from the Beauty Ministry as my priority because I always wanted to hear what the beauty gurus will share with us. 

For the other topics opened at the event, please check out the photo below:

The booths this year is not as many compared to previous ones that I was able to consistently attend. Also, the booths are more of brands selling their products. I usually enjoy attending events from BDJ because I was able to try new products that I can review about but I am disappointed that this event is quite different. Also, brands these time asks for too much challenges just to get a sachets of samples, I did not attempted to try anymore. The line is so long and I think it is not worth it anymore. I am not boasting but as a Bella that consistently attended from their previous events, it is a whole lot different this time, I enjoyed and learned a lot of new brands and products from the previous events from BDJ.  
Anyway, back to the event. I started going around the event from the innermost booths because there is not much people there yet. The booth from Globe (Globe Charge) offers their Mastercard terminal for only 999php and no need to bundle it for a postpaid line. I was supposed to apply one for my online business but decided against it. I usually do not meet my clients so why bother getting a credit card terminal. Although the deal is really great! I was so tempted to get one!

Beside Globe, I checked out GSK's booth for fighting cancer. GSK promoted the screening and vaccine against cervical cancer. They gave me free fan with their logo for the fight for cancer on it. GSK is a very known manufacturer for a nurse like me. Most of their products are being used in our hospital besides Unilab.

I always enjoy photo booths, it serves as my remembrance in a event. Before I remember that Print Social sponsors the photo booth but this event is handled by Canon. I love their BDJ Background, made me feel like a star!

I visited this booth, Grab Taxi wants you to download the App first before you can get a freebie from them. I haven't tried Grab Taxi, so far I enjoy using Uber. I might try it soon though.

The Fanny Serrano sells their items at 30% off. If you are in need of re-stocking your stash, the BDJ events stalls offers discounts. 

The Strip House let us play their game of pairs. I am not lucky so I was not able to get a prize. They gave out samples though for consolation and that is very generous of them.  

Bioderma offered free samples and their products are on sale. I haven't tried their product as I find them quite expensive. I should have grabbed the chance on buying it from the BDJ event because it is on sale but I really want to save money for my trip next year. 

The Status Hair Salon booth has a long line of ladies but I think they give free hair blow dry or curl. Since my hair is short, I did not try it anymore. 

The Cover Girl booth also offers their items on sale. Also they are the only booth that offers food for free! They have sweets that you can get and eat while going around the event.

Oh my! Cure! Did you know that if not from a BDJ event, I will not learn about this brand? Ever since I tried it before, I now maintain using it on my house. I use it at least once a week. Too bad I just re-stocked and it is on sale at the BDJ event. For everyone who haven't tried this yet, is is a must! 

Revlon had set up a mini workshop for the winners from BDJ. They also sell products in discounted prices. 

The Max Factor has free make overs and their items are on sale too! 

V10 Plus I think offers free facials but at the time that I checked it out, they are not yet ready. So I wasn't able to try anything from them yet.

Oh my, I really want to try the Face Shop make over since I love their products and I wanted to experience it first hand. As you can see on my photo below, the line is really long and my talk is already near so I haven't tried it until I went home.

Koragem offers free samples after a few challenges. Also, their products are on sale. Koragem is a Japanese Collagen capsules. 

For my favorite part of the event, listening to BDJ Ministry. I love hearing their advice on us Bellas because questions asked for them are things that are common for us and I love hearing their tips and recommendations for managing each question asked. It is always my reason for attending the BDJ events. So happy to see the new faces of Beauty Ministry.

BDJ Box Beauty Ministry

For the loot bag, I am most excited to use the Bioderma samples and the full size Asian Secrets. I am also loving my souvenir photo from Canon. Thank you so much BDJ for letting us enjoy the beauty social event!

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