SVR Glutathione Soap (With Kojic and Collagen)

Saturday, August 8, 2015


I prefer using Glutathione as a form of whitening compared to other types like arbutin  because for me Glutathione is the safest to use. I never posted Glutathione soap review on my blog yet because I haven't found anything that is worth sharing maybe because it is not as effective or I did not see any results at all. The only products containing Glutathione that I reviewed is Gluta-C and Belo. 

Last July, I was graced to be invited on Ms. Kaycee's Blog Anniversary Party and I got this soap as a souvenir. I immediately tested it the next day because I heard good reviews from Ms. Kaycee herself (Kikay Si Kat is known for unbiased reviews) so I am excited to use it and I think that I will enjoy it too.

I stopped using any other soaps and skin care regimen to test the effectiveness of the soap since Day 1 of use. I tested it from July 19 and I am still using it as of this post. I will now share with you my readers my thoughts on this soap.

Brand: Sofia (SVR Infinity)

Type: Glutathione with Kojic and Collagen Soap

Weight: 135g

Product Description, Directions of Use and Ingredients:


The soap smells good and that is what I first noticed when I opened it. The scent reminds me of milk and it is refreshing. I noticed an immediate improvement on my skin just a few days after use. Besides the benefit of making my skin discoloration even, it also made my skin feel smooth and soft. It worked perfectly for me and I find this Glutathione soap the most effective among others that I tried. The soap foams suds and lathers well. My favorite benefit of the soap is the way it make my skin look more radiant. 

It is proudly made in the Philippines and it is made from natural ingredients. Besides the Glutathione ingredient, it also contains Vitamins and Kojic and Collagen that makes the soap more effective.


It stings a little when I let it stay on my face for at least a few minutes. It melts quite fast than ordinary soap but I kind of expected it from skin care soaps. It is not yet widely available nationwide. I did not notice visible micropeeling but I did notice my skin getting smoother and whiter. 

It did cause some dryness on my skin but it can be easily remedied by adding up other skin care routines like applying of moisturizers. 

Comparison after 15 days of use:

Thank you Ms. Kaycee for letting me try this soap. I love the effects on me and I am now going to maintain using it. I want to share it with my family and friends asap. 

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 100php

Where to buy? Online, for a list of their resellers, check the link here.

To know more about SVR Infinity, you can follow them on their Instagram account (@SVRInfinity) and you can contact them directly below:

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