219/365: If Hypotethically It Is My Birthday Today, What Is My Wishlist?

Friday, August 7, 2015

If Hypotethically It Is My Birthday Today, What Is My Wishlist?

Oh My God, do I really need to answer this? It is given that I love having an added collection to my makeups specially my lipsticks. For my wishlist, I do not expect people to give it to me but these are just the things that I want for myself and I wanted to buy for myself. Anyway for the challenge, here is my updated wish list and I will narrow it to my top 5:

1. MAC Stippling Brush or Shiseido Foundation Brush

Photo Images Courtesy of Nordstrom

I am a mainly liquid foundation user over powders so I need to invest in a good foundation brush. The MAC Stippling Brush costs around 2,600php while the Shiseido foundation brush costs around 1,700php. I might buy the Shiseido because it is cheaper and still gives the look that I want like MAC's stippling brush.

2. Floral Dresses like what Marian Rivera wears

Photo Image Courtesy of pep.ph

Photo Image Courtesy of ulzzangstyle.com

I know that her dresses are branded and expensive but I see a lot of replica dresses being sold both in malls and tiangge but my problem is most of it are free size and it does not fit me. So I am still looking for a floral dress that will fit me. The other day I went to Jhajing's store but unfortunately it is tight around my bust and waist so I have to let it go. Hopefully I will find at least one dress soon that will be a perfect fit.

3. Gym Membership

I want to get fit again soon. I am already on my diet but working out is different. My goal is by January 2016, I should be enrolled again. I am already looking for a new gym to try. I enrolled at Gold's Gym before. 

4. Tempur Pillow

Photo Image Courtesy of mattressfirm.com

I am suffering from a stiff neck lately maybe due to stress or wrong position of sleep. My sister uses a Tempur pillow and she always tells me that sleeping is way better with this pillow. For its price, at first I thought that it is somehow psychological. When I tested it while I was having my stiff neck by borrowing it from her for a few days, it improved my neck and I slept more comfortably. I believe her now and I am going to save up money to buy one for myself.

5. Pandora Bracelet

Photo Image Courtesy of pandora,net

I love the thought of getting your bracelet chunky through charms that has a significant meaning in your life in every trinket. 

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