Chanel Le Crayon Yeux Precision Eye Definer: Cafe - Coffee Bean

Sunday, July 26, 2015


I got this eye liner as a hand me down from my mom so the product item on my photos are not brand new. My mom loves trying out makeups too and I guess I now know where my passion of trying out products came from. 

It is a permanent shade from Chanel. There are a lot of shades available but this is the shade that my mom got. It includes a sharpener but I was not able to take a photo of the sharpener together with the eyeliner, so I took a picture of it separately. Sorry the sharpener is already a little rusty. 

Brand: Chanel

Shade: Coffee Bean (Cafe)

Weight: 0.03oz

Product Description: 

(From Chanel's website) Line eyes quickly and easily with an eye crayon that achieves a variety of effects, from a subtle yet precise look, to a more dramatic definition. The built-in smudge applicator perfects a smoky eye look, while a companion sharpener ensures the pencil is always ready for lining.

(From Nordstrom) Eye contour crayon outlines and accents dramatically. Creates a clear, precise line around eyes, enhancing their expression. Also gives a gentle shadow to lids when delicately blended with sponge applicator. Extremely smooth texture with finely dispersed pigments for even, long-lasting wear. Formula enriched with Vitamin E is ophthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers. Sharpen pencil with the included two-bladed sharpener to assure a precise tip. To contour the eye, draw a dotted line at the base of the lashes and blend. To subtly accent eyelids, apply small quantity and blend with sponge applicator.

How To Use: (From Chanel's website) Apply to upper lid and smudge into lashline prior to shadow application to create depth and shadow. Apply to lower lashline and smudge with sponge-tip or #13 Chanel Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush for a smoky 'halo' effect. Line and define based on shape of the eye and desired makeup result.

Ingredients: No ingredients listed from the eye liner or Chanel's website. I am not sure if the eye liner came with a box when my Mom bought it. 


The shade is rich and highly pigmented. Even though it is a brown shade when I build it up it looks black. So I can use it both ways. The texture of the pencil is smooth and it does not tug on my eye lid. Since it does not drag on the lids, it is easy to blend and smudge specially with the use of the sponge included on the other side of the eye liner. 

It is gentle on my eyes which is really great. Other eye liners makes my eyes sting whenever I remove it but this Chanel Le Crayn Yeux did not irritate my eyes. It is easy to remove with the use of cleanser or toner. 

One to two slides of the pencil is enough to create a vibrant look so this 0.03oz of pencil will go a long way. 

If you are looking for a rich color and smooth texture, this eye liner may be for you.


The number one disadvantage from this high end eye liner is that it does not last long. It quickly fades and smudges to other part of my eyes even when I set it with a primer before application and setting powder after. 

The sponge included on the eye liner is a little tricky to use, it softens the look of the smudged eye liner but if I tend to use it more for blending, it somehow lightens the eye liner like it was erasing it. 

It easily messes all over my bottom eyes when I put some on my bottom lid. One time I even look like a raccoon that it is a good thing one of my co-worker pointed it out to me. I am dismayed and I ran to the wash room to clean it up. LOL. So I never wore it again on my bottom lids. Also, even when it is already smudged for a dramatic effect, it easily transfers on my fingers and to fabrics.

Even with the use of the sharpener that came with it, it is hard to achieve a pointed tip of the eye liner because it easily crumbles. 

If you are looking for a water proof eye liner and long lasting, you may want to test it for yourself first before buying one. 


Oh yeah, before I forgot, one slide of the eye liner is already thick. Since it is hard to achieve a pointed eye liner, the tendency is that the eye liner line is thick.

For my photos below, please excuse my bushy eye brows. No time yet to go for a threading. Also for my samples below, I did not wear anything on my face but the eye liner. :)

Buy again? 70%

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: $29 or around 1500php

Where to buy? Chanel stores. I am not sure if there is an outlet at Rustan's Department Store since Rustan's sells high end makeups. 

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