206/365: A Line From A Book That Has Touched Me

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Line From A Book That Has Touched Me

There's a lot of lines from a young-adult book Ghost Girl that I took note on my notebook. I love reading books and writing out the lines or passes that I liked. The most lines I collected most was from the Ghost Girl Trilogy. 

Sample of the lines are: 

"Is it possible to feel so alone in a crowded room." - Charlotte

"We all want what we can't have. In fact, most of the time we only want things because they are unavailable or forbidden." 

"Once you have loved, your soul can never forget it, even if your mind does. Love becomes part of your DNA, your essence."

"Even if we can't change the situation, we can change the way we look at it." - Eileen

Do you want me to post my favorite lines from every book that I read? I will be glad to share them. 

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