Product Review: Safeguard's Derma Sense Sensitive Skin Facial & Body Wash

Monday, June 1, 2015


Safeguard now offers liquid body soap in form of a body wash as well as a facial cleanser. There are two kinds released, one is for acne prone skin and the other is for sensitive skin. It is another set of amazing products made by P & G.

Today, I will share with you my review for the sensitive skin type of body wash and facial cleanser. I got both of it from Sample Room. 


Type: Face and body wash for sensitive skin

Weight: 200ml

Consistency: Clear gel like liquid

Product Description: Gently cleanses sensitive skin. Specially designed for irritable skin. Mild, unscented fomula. No addition of alcohol and dyes. Dermatologically tested.

How To Use and Ingredients:

> The is the reason I keep on using it. It smells so fresh like baby powder.
> It truly is gentle on my skin, I tried using it on my face and just for the curiosity, I even tried opening my eyes and checked if it will sting and it did not.
> Using it is like using Cetaphil. It deeply cleanses and yet so mild
> Even though the consistency is gel-like, it produces suds and lathers well both with the use of sponge or none
> Easy to rinse out from the skin
> My skin feels smooth and soft after use but no added moisture
> It does not leave any heavy feeling of residue
> My skin did not get greasy
> My sister who has eczema can use it without any reactions to her skin

> Still needs an additional body lotion after shower for moisture. 
> No bigger size for the body wash for long term use. Other than that, I cannot think of any dislikes for this product.

Buy again? 100%

Overall Rating: 5/5

Price: 120php

Where to buy? Any local department store, pharmacies and supermarkets.


Type: Facial Cleanser for sensitive skin

Weight: 100ml

Consistency: Creamy white liquid

Product Description: Gently cleanses sensitive skin. Designed for easily irritable skin. Mild unscented formula. With aloe extracts.

How To Use and Ingredients:

> It is very gentle
> I also tried opening my eyes while my face has the cleanser on it, it did not sting my eyes
> The liquid form is like Cetaphil cleanser 
> Leaves a little residue on my skin that makes it hydrated
> No breakouts noted

> The scent smells like a chemical of a very synthetic kind of product
> My skin felt dry after continued use
> It does not form any suds so I am not sure if I already covered my entire face with the cleanser
> After a long day, the residue that was left on my skin made it greasy
> My skin still has dirt left on it after use as I observed it from the cotton that I used to clean my face with softener (Softener from Shiseido)
> I did not feel squeaky clean after using it

Buy again? 5% (It is not the best facial wash available but I can recommend it to people with very sensitive skin specially if you have skin problems or open wounds on your face. It is a cheaper replacement you can use in place of Cetaphil. Just a reminder, it may not work well with me but the product can work for others.)

Overall Rating: 1/5

Price: 199php

Where to buy? Any local department store, pharmacies and supermarkets.



  1. Haven't tried the Facial Wash but I do love the Body Wash! Makes me feel squeaky clean too! =)

  2. I did not enjoyed the Facial Wash but I love the body wash too, specially the fragrance! :)


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