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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Scenes From Movies That Makes Me Cry

The Break Up movie is not a favorite of mine and I only watched it once by my own before. I think its the only movie that made me weep. It has a lot of good lines and the life of the couple in the movie is very realistic. The following videos are some of the scenes that made me cry:

The lines like "Every girl likes flowers" and "I do not deserve this, I really do not deserve this, I deserve somebody who gives a shit. I am not spending one more second of this life with some inconsiderate prick! You're a prick!" is delivered by Jennifer Aniston really great. 

There is another scene that I cried on this movie, it was when Jennifer Aniston gave her husband the last chance to makeup and he did not show up. It was very heartbreaking. I cannot find that scene on Youtube. So I suggest, you should just watch it. 

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