153/365: Review a Restaurant (Slappy Cakes: My Experience)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Review a Restaurant - Slappy Cakes: My Experience

Do you love breakfast food for lunch or dinner? You can do that anytime at Slappy Cakes, SM North Edsa branch. It is a restaurant located at The Block, Second Floor. Slappy cakes' menu consists mainly of breakfast entree but they also serve burgers and pasta. 

The tables have built-in teflon pan placed in the middle if you want to cook pancakes. It is your choice if you want to experience the cooking by yourself or if they will serve it ready to eat for you. 

I love eating pancakes and waffles and it is my first time to try Slappy Cakes and I made sure that I will get to experience cooking my own pancakes here. 

The pan is easy to control and the server will set it up for you and will give instructions on how to operate the heat of the pan. Look at the photos below as my sister cooks her pancake with a design of a smiley.  (Finished product posted on the top of my post.)

You can order one of the three kinds of batter namely buttermilk, chocolate and red velvet. Each bottle is available in 8oz only but if you want to savor all the flavors, they have a sampler set (all the flavors) served in smaller bottles. The bottle can be squeezed so it will be easy to pour out the contents into the pan. There are toppings like cheese, chocolate chips and fruits that can be added for your pancakes with additional charge. I prefer my pancakes plain though.

The pancake's batter is like from a US branded mixtures. It has a slight bitterness and it is not as sweet and milky like the ones being produced in the Philippines. 

The server automatically served the syrups in maple honey and mango but they did not serve any butter, I asked for it. I do not know if they do not really serve butter unless asked or the server simply forgot it. Anyway, butter is a common and initial topping for a pancake at least in my opinion that it should also be automatically served. I went to Slappy Cakes with my sister and boyfriend and the butter served for the three of us is posted on the photo below:

Knowing that an 8oz bottle of buttermilk pancakes is not enough to satiate us, we also ordered some of the food on their breakfast meals. Each of you can choose how your eggs will be cooked. 

I ordered Classic Breakfast which includes potato wedges, eggs, bacon and a toast. I love the taste of the potato wedges, it is salty with a hint of herbs and a bit oily otherwise it still tastes good! The bacon is thick, marinated and sweetened like a home made bacons. The toast is bland and dry. For my plate, I requested my eggs to be cooked as scrambled.

Classic Breakfast

My boyfriend ordered Tapa and it was served with egg and Mango Salsa, we did not enjoy the sourness of the Mango Salsa but the Tapa is alright. It tastes good but I tried better. My boyfriend asked for a sunny side up egg but the server forgot to note it so they served it as scrambled like mine.


My sister ordered Bacon Benedict. The plate includes strips of bacon, potato wedges and poached eggs and muffins. I tasted this recipe before at Hotel Celeste but this is way more delicious. If I will come back at Slappy Cakes, I will defintely order this, I think this is one of their best seller dishes. The poached egg is cooked right and it goes well with the muffin.

Bacon Benedict

All our breakfast meals comes with a drink and you can choose between iced tea or coffee. They did not serve water in our table while we were waiting for our food. All the meals are in big serving and I came out of the restaurant really full.

For reference of the meals available and prices, I will share it below but remember that prices may change.

Let me now summarize my whole experience for you my readers.

> Big serving, I was not able to finish all of the food in my plate so I took it home.
> Delicious meals
> Enjoyable experience to cook pancakes especially if you have kids with you but when I come back, I may not order pancakes again as I already experienced it.

> Everything needs to be asked from the server like water and butter for the pancakes.
> The server is not always available even though at the time that we ate, we are the only people inside the restaurant.
> The server that had taken our orders did not manage to give us the requested type of cooked egg even though she did repeat our orders before leaving.
> Prices is a little bit expensive

I think most of my problems is from the server...but I did enjoy my food. Will I come back? Yes, specially when I am craving for breakfast meals in big amount!

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