Unboxing My 8th Saladbox: Pantene Products

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Unboxing My 8th Saladbox: Pantene Products

The last box that I received from Saladbox for my one year subscription was the November-December box. (Link for the last unboxing post here.) I am actually regretting the choice that I continued my one year subscription with Saladbox because I did not expect them not to send items on a monthly basis with no updates.

I sent an email again and again on their customer's service and got no updates regarding my subscription. This never happened to me on BDJ. I opted to continue my subscription from Saladbox because I am quite satisfied on the boxes that I received before even though it is sent at least every other month. However this year, they stopped sending boxes without notice on the reason of delays even at least from their Facebook page. I became more disappointed when I keep on sending emails and no reply. I think after a month of sending continuous emails, I just got a reply that they have a problem in shipping. Saladbox should have at least had the decency to update us on that automatically. 

I paid in advance for my boxes and this is what I got for their customer service. The box is not free so the customers should be entitled with updates. I demanded that if they will not ship my boxes monthly that I should just give me refund for my boxes instead. I am still due for 8 more months of boxes. 

Of course I got no reply on the refund matter, none at all. I sent a message on their Facebook page and they said that my messages were redirected on their Spam folder. Still, they did not reply on my query regarding the refund.  Three days ago I received my 8th box. It contains five full size items from Pantene. The items are placed in a Flawless box from one of the exclusive box last year. Unfortunately this time, there is no card on what items I got and how much the items are included inside the box. It is like they just sent me an items to pacify me. 

I am disappointed and ashamed because I even encouraged others to subscribe to them last year. I wish that their service will be better in terms of keeping their boxes sent to their customers on a regular monthly basis and to at least update their subscribers regarding the matter.

I do not advice for others to subscribe to them until they improve their services. There are other box subscriptions like BDJ and Glamourbox that you can also try. The reason that I subscribed for a monthly subscription of items that I do not know what is inside because I wanted to have items that I can try and write reviews on. What is the point of being subscribed to monthly boxes if I do not get any.

For the detailed items that I got:
1 pc Pantene Conditioner
2 pcs Pantene Pro-V Hair Strength Tonic
2 pcs Pantene Pro-V BB Creme For Hair

I am going to look for the prices of the items that I got and update this blog post when I found it, so bear with me my readers. Thank you! :)


  1. Omg! Sana i can subscribe pa to these. i've been wanting to try these out kasi.

  2. You can try to subscribe but I am not encouraging you as of the moment unless you will just subscribe for one box. They do not regularly ship boxes and they do not reply for inquiries too. :(


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