Niu By Vikings: My Experience

Friday, April 24, 2015

My Experience at Niu By Vikings

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My boyfriend and I kidnapped my sister on the day of her birthday and surprised her by taking her at Niu by Vikings for lunch. I am intrigued to try it since the photos of the food on their website and when I saw it at Blogapalooza looks sumptuous and what a perfect opportunity to try it on my sister's birthday.

I made a reservation a week before and it saved us a lot of time because we were directed to our tables immediately upon arrival. 

The design of the Niu looks like a restaurant from a five star hotel. I appreciate everything that I see from their chandeliers, spotlights and big couches. I felt comfortable inside Niu. The style of the furniture, wall designs and even the bathroom I think is inspired by Victorian era.

I was not able to take pictures of all the food served on different categories because I enjoyed my time eating and trying out different meals. The food categories were divided according to the cuisines. For example, Pan-Asia and Western.

The Western Cuisine

Pasta, Pizza section

Carving Station - I love the Potato Gratin and Baked Pumpkin.

I feel that I need to drink anti-hypertension and medicine for cholesterol if I am going to consume a lot of the meat served here but its the best part of Niu by Vikings. 

There is a Prime Rib and Lamb section where you can ask the cook to prepare it for you whether in well done, medium rare, rare or medium well. My favorite sauce for the Prime rib is the Foie Gras and chicken sauce. I also used that sauce for my Belly-Chon piece. They offer grill section too but I was not able to try it.

Pan-Asia Section - they serve fried noodles, kare-kare.

Spring Rolls, Buchi and other side dishes served here.

Congee section - You can fill up a bowl of your choice and have the chef cook it for you.

My favorite food category! I love the Hakaw and Siomai, I consumed most of it on my lunch.

Tea Section, you can ask for a pot or cup of Twining's Tea. If you can see the next table, its where the Japanese food is served like California Maki, Tempura and Yakisoba, although their Yakisoba is different.

Salad section and hams, cheese for breads. I was not able to take a photo of the breads.

Another favorite, dessert section! They serve all kinds of dessert that i can think of. I love the Salted Caramel Cake and Pavlova although their version of Pavlova is in form of meringue.


Creme puffs and Tapioca with Mango

Beside the Creme puffs are the Pavlove in meringue style.

Blueberry Danish pastries looks alone but if you will look beside the refrigerator, there is a rack of breads.

The refrigerator contains these yummy desserts! It comes in many flavors like strawberry, mangoes, oreos, graham and so on!

Ice cream and Gelatos

You can order crepes behind this section of toppings.

Chocolate Fondue Section in White and Dark chocolate.
I am already so full, I forgot to taste this Chocolate Lava.

Halo-Halo Section

Coffee and Ice section. The juice and fresh fruit shake section as well as sodas are located beside the ice section. I was not able to take a photo because they are refilling it at that time.

Fresh Fruits

Wines you can drink

They gave this to my sister. Niu staff does not sing a happy birthday song, thank goodness for that. They serve cake with sparkling candles.

For my whole experience, let me summarize it:

> It is the best buffet restaurant in terms of serving great variety of drinks as they serve wine, juice, fruit shakes, tea and coffee
> The recipes served are classy and in high quality - the herbs and other ingredients used are remarkable
> The place is cozy and comfortable
> I like the crowd eating here better than ordinary buffet restaurants, they come in presentable attire and the noise of talking people are hushed
> They have the best protein section - I love their style of serving prime ribs and lambs in according to your preferred cooking time
> Its a great place to have a date or celebrate a birthday or anniversary

> The food choices are limited compared to Saisaki, Sambokojin and Heat Shangri La
> They take too long in refilling the food specially on the Tempura and baked oysters
> For the Japanese section, I prefer the taste of cooked food at Sambokojin or Saisaki

If you are interested to try Niu by Vikings, they are located at the 6th floor of SM Aura, Taguig. The buffet rates depends on weekdays and weekends as well as rates for lunch and dinner. 

For weekdays, the lunch costs 1088php and dinner is 1388php. But they have a promo right now, the lunch buffet is only 888php! For weekends and holidays, rate is 1388php. Tax is not yet included. They only offer discounts on birthdays. 

Will I come back to Niu? Yes, definitely on special occasions!


  1. I've been to NIU once and I must say that it is overrated. I'd prefer Vikings in Megamall or Yakimix since they're less expensive and more accessible :)

  2. If the price for the Niu is the promo rate, 888php then it is worth it. :) I like the cozy feel of Niu compared to other buffet restaurants. Although I prefer how the Japanese meals tastes at Saisaki and Sambokojin. :)


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