Ipanema: 2 in 1 Sandals

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ipanema's 2 in 1 Sandals

I just want to share this even though it is a little late. I got this as a gift from my boyfriend's parents and they got it from Saudi. I am intrigued as this sandals can work in two ways. You can use it as a slippers or sandals. I can do variation in using it depending on the style of my clothes and mood.

The box has a complete and easy to follow instructions on how to fix it in your desire.

Full Instructions According to the Box:

It is easy to turn your sandals into slippers. Ipanema designed it to be user friendly. 

The sandals that I got is red in color with gold accent. The rubber of the sandals are soft on my soles so it is comfortable to wear. I prefer to wear it as sandals than slippers though because of the flattering design.

If you want to turn it into a slippers, there's a pair of straps included. Look at the design of the straps below:

The photos below is the lock that holds the straps on the sandal's sole. It is easy to push it out of the sandals. Just untangle it from the strap and replace it with your preferred strap of sandals or slippers.

By the time that I got this pair of sandals, it is not yet available in Ipanema Philippines but recently when I went to the mall, I already saw it being sold but the designs are still limited. The mall I specifically saw it is at Shoe Salon Trinoma, Second Floor.

The retail price in the Philippines ranges from 1600-1700php. I think my boyfriend's parents bought it from Saudi for less than a thousand when converted into Peso. 

I just wanted to share with you my new favorite pair of sandals as Summer is fast approaching and this can match your outfit whether on swimwear or shorts. It is affordable too so you can purchase it in several colors.


  1. I felt ignorant when I saw it sa Blogger feed ko!Ang cool nito! 2-in-1 :D

  2. Yes sis, tuwang tuwa nga ako sa kanya eh. planning to buy more colors.. :)


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