97/365: Personality Type That I Hate

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Personality Type That I Hate

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If I will base on the categories between Type A versus Type B personality, I am a Type A so most of the time I am irritated to people like Type B who are relaxed and easy going like there is nothing to worry about in the world. Being a Type A, I wanted to have goals and achieve it. I think it comes with my competitive nature, thus also being impatient. I just feel that sometimes I want others to think and work like me. 

If I will base on the categories according to the temperaments, I think I am choleric. I always get to the point with facts, say it with no regrets. Most of the time I am serious and I think my humor is dry. I do not hate the other temperaments but I am not particular in trying new things specially if it will be done in group. 

Set aside the factual personalities, if I will consider someone's character, I definitely hate the backstabbers. I say what is on my mind even if it can hurt the person I am pertaining to but once I vented it out, that is the end of it. It is already everything that you need to know and it will come from me, not from others. I have the guts to do it so I hate it when people are coward enough not to say it on my face and I will hear it from others. However, I just speak what is on my mind but it does not mean I am not open-minded, I still listen to what you have to say. I just always wanted my opinions and feelings known than pretend that everything is fine. Living with no regrets.

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