Concert Of Dreams by City Of Dreams

Monday, April 6, 2015

Concert Of Dreams by City Of Dreams

I feel so blessed to win a ticket for the Concert of Dreams designated for the grand opening of City of Dreams Manila. I feel like it is really for me and my family as my boyfriend and I both have the day off on the day of the concert. 

It was held last February 2, 2015 at City of Dreams, Manila. The concert starts at 5:00PM but the gates will open at 3PM so we have to be there early to pick a nice area to watch from. 

Upon entrance to the City of Dreams, look at the modern style buildings and the eye catching huge LCD screen on the photos below:

I am curious to try the Dream Play theme park on my next visit, some say that famous Dreamworks characters are there like Toothless (from How To Train Your Dragon), who is my favorite character made by Dreamworks! Woohoo!

As the gates are not yet closed for the concert, the entrance to the parking is also the place where people will be watching the concert later on. I was able to get  a glimpse on the concert grounds. Look at the picture below to see what the Fortune egg looks like on daylight.

We got a good spot for the concert. It is right in front of the stage but just a little on the corner. There's a mini replica of the Fortune Egg placed in the middle of the stage that I keep wondering on why is it placed at the center.

Beside us, there's an exclusive space for VIP guests. There are tables and wines were served. There were food stubs given to every attendant that you can claim for food and drinks but I did not used mine as the lines are very long and the space that I got on the concert is much more important than my need for food.

The concert started with performance from one of the famous dance group in the Philippines.

I was able to post a video of them performing live on my Youtube account, watch it below:

After the dance group performed, the band started making music that was really upbeat. The band played music for the songs that will be performed by the singers.

Kyla is the first one to perform on stage. I like her gown, its sexy and yet classy. I am sad that I did not managed to record her performance of Chandelier. I like her version better than Sia.

Watch the live band perform and Kyla's opening number below:

Opening number of the band and Kyla's Always Be My Baby

Hanggang Ngayon by Kyla

After Kyla performed, Jed Madela was next on stage. Its my first time to hear him sing and I did not know that he is good! I like to hire him as a wedding singer for my wedding someday, only if I can afford it. LOL. :)

Watch some of the live videos I managed to record of Jed Madela:

Someday by Jed Madela

Hanggang by Jed Madela

Go The Distance by Jed Madela

One of my favorite singers in the Philippines performed live and I saw her for the first time aside from seeing her on television, Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla sang "Ikaw" as her opening performance.

Watch my short video of her performance singing "Ikaw":

Ikaw by Zsa Zsa Padilla

One of the first singer that I knew back when I was a kid, Gary Valenciano, soon joined Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla. They both sang All Of Me and luckily I managed to record it in full, watch it here:

All Of Me by Ms. Zsa Zsa Padilla and Mr. Gary Valenciano

After their duet, Gary Valenciano was left on stage to perform alone and he still can dance gracefully like he never aged at all since then. 

Hataw Na by Gary Valenciano

How Did You Know by Gary Valenciano

After Gary Valenciano performed, Kyla, Jed Madela and Zsa Zsa Padilla went back to the stage and performed in group, they all sang Sulong, Laban, Wag Uurong.

Sulong, Laban, Wag Uurong

After their group performance, the concert had a small break in preparation for the International singers. Kelly was the first one to perform, she only sang two songs. Thankfully, she performed one of my favorite song that I always keep on my favorites album on my Ipod, Dilemma. I am so happy to finally hear it live. 

Two songs performed by Kelly

After Kelly, the final act was by Ne-Yo. He performed his best songs. Indeed, its the Concert Of Dreams just by watching all of these stars perform. 

Closer by Ne-Yo

Give Me Everything and Let Me Love You by Ne-Yo

After concert, the Fortune Egg located on the center of the stage has a reason after all. It was opened with keys and in time of the opening of the Fortune Egg was a grand fireworks display in celebration of the grand opening of City of Dreams. I think the fireworks lasted for more than 10 minutes. It also came from all of the sides of the area.

Grand Opening of City of Dreams

When I got home, I took a photo of the souvenir I got from the concert are these items:

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