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Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Dream Wedding

My Design of Wedding Dress Since Year 2003

Even though my boyfriend is not yet proposing, he talks about how he would want our wedding one day and I talk to him my fantasies of how I wanted it to happen to. Luckily, he seems not fazed with my crazy ideas.

Even back in 2003, I already made this drawing for an idea of what wedding dress I want. I want to have a white wedding dress with corset for the top. I want it long and flowing at the back. The edges should be black with beads embroidered for design. My taste for the dress may vary in time but I always wanted it to have other colors, I do not want plain white dress. Also, I want it to have pearls or beads attached. I am satisfied to spend cheap on my wedding dress as long as I get the design that I wanted. Also, I want to keep my wedding dress. I still wanted to wear it for a post nuptial shoot. My boyfriend wanted americana over barong.

For the photography and video - that is where I want to spend most of my money on. It will only happen once and I wanted to keep the memories captured in every possible way. This is the budget that I will save a lot for. I wanted to have a pre-nuptial, wedding itself and post-nuptial photos and videos. When I say I wanted to have photos and videos, I wanted a lot of it. I am already thinking of hiring two teams that can work together to have a different version of videos and photos on my wedding day. Some may consider it extravagant but memories is sacred to me. I cannot repeat the wedding nor my age at the time of the prenuptial. 

I dream of having a prenuptial in a fairy tale like theme of princess and prince. I even read that Disney Land (United States) accepts pre-nuptial photo shoot on their castle. I think I want to try that if my budget will allow. If not, I wanted to have a pre-nuptial on beach and overlooking islands. I did say I wanted at least two videos, one that I am sure to want is to have a funny video of how my boyfriend and I started our love story. 

I wanted to at least wear my wedding dress twice, that is why I wanted to have a post nuptial but this can be delayed in our own time and budget.

For the theme, I always wanted to have a black and white color themes or bronze/brown and white. Using bronze or black makes the look vintage just the way I like it.

For the venue, we both wanted to do it on a church. An air-conditioned one. I tend to sweat easily so I do not want to be wasted on my own wedding day. He agrees as well. So that we could wear the americana and long gowns comfortably.

For the reception, I wanted the food to be buffet so the guests can satisfy their hunger. Some weddings that I attend to serve limited food. My boyfriend and I both agreed to that. However, we both want our guests to be able to attend both wedding and reception - not the reception only. Filipinos tend to have this practice. We are still finding ways on how to do this properly. Sometimes, we think that guests who did not attend the wedding will be the last one to enter the reception but I think that is kind of harsh. My boyfriend even jokingly suggested to have food stubs given at the church attendees. We had a whole day laughing and snorting because of the joke that he seems to be serious about.

For the souvenirs, we both agreed we wanted it customized and usable for the guests. As much as possible, we do not want our names or wedding date and place posted on in. Just our names' initials are enough. 

We both wanted to be strict on the guests' attire, to the many weddings we already attended, we do not like it when we see people attending in just jeans and shirts. We will be strict on dress code.

So far, theses are just the major things that we usually talk about. I do not want to rush for a wedding and I believe that I will be able to achieve my dream wedding. (I better start saving already!)

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