109/365: A Scene From A Movie That Makes Me Laugh

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Scene From A Movie That Makes Me Laugh

I already shared the video from The Proposal on my Day 62 of blogging challenge (link here) because that is my favorite but I want to share my other picks of scenes that makes me laugh in a movie.

The movie Four Sisters and a Wedding reminds me of my family because we are all girls and I imagine if ever we have a little brother, I will pity the girl he will be with at first. There's a lot of funny scenes on this movie but I love the most where they called the girlfriend, "chararat" - its the first time I learned that term. LOL.


  1. The Proposal. It's my favorite movie because even if I watch it repeatedly, I doesn't fail to make me laugh. I don't know what chararat is.

  2. Hi Teri! Its great to see your comments again. :) Chararat means ugly. :)


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