108/365: Book Review - The Promise of Stardust

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Book Review: The Promise of Stardust by Priscille Sibley

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It will be my first time to share a book review but I think I am inspired continue sharing this kind of reviews. I am thinking if I will add one part of my blog for my book, manga and anime reviews.

Rating: 5/5

Genre: Fiction

My Summary: Matt Beaulieu, a doctor faced a depressing problem when he learned that his incoming patient is his wife who had an accident and is brain dead. His wife, Elle - the person he grew up with, the first person he kissed and the last person he was with before he went to work that day. Matt was well aware that Elle never wanted a slow death so he is having an epiphany if he will take off her life support. Until they discovered that Elle is pregnant and everything changes.

My View: Reading this book reminded me why I love reading stories. The Promise of Stardust kept me awake and I do not want to put the book down. It is not the typical story of lovers, our morals in life will somehow be renewed after reading this good book.

I love the plot that Matt would like to respect Elle's wishes even though it is hard for him to let her go. I cannot imagine myself being on his shoes.

The author is a NICU nurse like me and it is wonderful how she portrayed the real life inside a hospital. 

I think fellow medical workers will find it in their heart to love this book. I highly recommend it. I did not read it again and again unlike other books but reading this story once is enough to make me feel moved. 


  1. Ouch. The summary is very interesting and very eye catching. I will add this to my reading list. I'm curious. I seldom get interested in blurbs. Minsan kasi parang recycled plot lang. This is unique for me.

  2. You can try this book, it does not have the usual plot. :)


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