Sample Room VIP Perks: Pond's Haul From The Event

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pond's Haul From The Event

I posted an article about the event that I attended as an advantage of VIP membership. I had the chance to attend the unveiling of the new product from Pond's, the White Beauty Pearl Cleansing Gel. The link about the event posted here. I really had a blast from the event specially since I met most of my favorite bloggers. I hope I could get to meet them more.

Anyway, back to the Pond's haul that I got. I have two new cleansing gel, a BB cream and the Pond's Translucent Pinkish White Glow that I already posted a review about before. Link here

Now, I am excited to fully experience the cleansing gel and it will be my first time to try the Pond's BB Cream! 

Thank you so much Sample Room and Pond's for the invite and experience. Congratulations for the successful collaboration and product launch!

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