73/365: Do I Believe In Second Chances?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Do I Believe In Second Chances?

For me, it really depends on the matter at stake. In my line of work, I really have to be careful because you will not have a second chance in saving a person's life. So every move I make must be carefully calculated. 

In my career as blogging, every fault I made is considered for a room for improvement. May it be on my grammar, on how I rated one product or how I act. Every fault in my blogging career, I always look forward for the second chance to improve it.

In relationship with friends, I had a lot of share in being back stabbed by others but when they got caught they ask for second chances. I do forgive but I never forget. The relationship can never be mended again. It will not go back as before. So here, second chance is not enough for me.

In relationship with my boyfriend, we never had a big problem that may need a break up and he needing a second chance. I only consider not giving a second chance to him if I find him cheating. Cheating is a major offense for me and I do not believe in second chances when it comes to a love relationship. I believe that if I am enough to my partner, he would not look around for others so if he decided to do it to me then its goodbye for me. No regrets. I know its easy to say but I grew up watching people close to my heart suffer from problems like this so I know what I am deciding on.

So my final answer would be it depends! :)

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