My Year 2015 Wishlist & Giveaway

Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Year 2015 Wishlist & Giveaway!

Just like last year, I posted my wishlist for the year then I shared a post last January 2015 if I was able to meet my wishlist. My wishlist changed a little as I gained some of it. 

I have a lot of items that I want and I decided to share at least five new items then the items that I was not able to meet last year. Out of the five items I posted last year, I only managed to get one. My previous post link here.

1. Naked 1 to 3 Palettes (Old wish from year 2014)

Until now, its not my priority but I want it. Someday... :)

2. Airbrush Kit from Dinair (Old wish from year 2014)

The airbrush kit is my least priority but I want to learn how to use it and do makeup to my family and friends.

3. Nikon DSLR (Old wish from 2014)

I still need to invest on a good camera.

4. Mirror with Bulb Lights (Old wish from 2014)

I want to add a bigger mirror in my vanity area for better lighting.

5. Clarisonic

I always wanted to try this Clarisonic to clean my face. Its expensive though.

6. Revlon Colorburst Matte Lipsticks

Photo image courtesy of

I love all the Revlon Colorburst Matte Lipsticks. I already have the Standout, now I want to collect all the shades. I am still lacking the shades: Complex, Elusive, Sultry, Shameless, Mischievous, Audacious, Showy, Striking, Unapologetic. I love matte lipsticks so hopefully I can at least make my collection to half of Revlon Colorburst matte lipsticks. Nine shades to go, LOL.

7. Happy Skin Lipsticks

On contrary to me wearing matte lipsticks, I have a mood that I want to wear the opposite - a very moisturizing and yet highly pigmented lipsticks. This comes my love for Happy Skin products. I already own two shades, Sunset Kiss and Playing Footsie. I am eyeing the Honeymoon Glow to buy maybe next month. I have more to collect in the shades of Happy Skin compared to Revlon, I am still lacking the regular shades: First Kiss, Just Married, Girls Night Out, Crushing On You, Summer Fling, My First Time, Just Say Yes and Honeymoon Glow. For the limited edition: Summer Crush, The Morning After, Valentine Kiss, Mistletoe Kiss, Under The Sheets, Naughty and Nice, 24 Carats, Red Carpet, Style Icon. Phew! That is 17 shades more to collect! I have a very long list.

8. Singer Sewing Machine

Only people close to me will know that I have this dream to make my own clothes and particularly costumes for cosplay. I do not join contests for cosplay but I want to portray my favorite characters even for just a photo shoot.

9. Studio?Mini Office Setup In My Room

Photo image courtesy of coursdephotographie.

I do not know how I fit everything in my room but I do not sleep there anymore so I am thinking if I will convert it into a mini studio this year as well as an office for my blogging days. I will also add my sewing machine there when I am ready. What do you think? 

10. Shiseido Foundation Brush

Due to frequent attending of workshops from Shiseido, I experienced the goodness of their foundation brush. It gives precise strokes and can cover wide areas instantly. The bristles are soft too!

Share to me what is your wish list for the year 2015, do you think we have the same wish list? :) Comment below your answer and I will pick a winner randomly by Everyone is welcome to participate but I will only choose the winner residing in Philippines. Shipping fee will be shouldered by me. The give away will run until March 31, 2015. 

The lucky winner will win this set from Belo (This give away is not sponsored, it came from my own money). :)


  1. 1. New Laptop
    2. Nyx Foundation
    3. Body Shop White Musk- My favorite perfume
    4. D&G Light Blue - My favorite perfume also
    5. Car

  2. My wishlist is for my daughter to have a clean and smooth face because she had so many pimples and another one for me is to have a healthy and happy lifestyle this 2015
    helen gatbonton

  3. sherry ann gole cruzMarch 7, 2015 at 4:04 AM

    My wish list for the year 2015
    A. tablet,my son can use in school
    b. new double deck bed for my two daughter
    c. concealer to hide my large pores
    d. a new bag ,i really wanted a new signature bag
    sherry ann gole cruz

  4. My wish list for the year 2015
    1. Control my sugar intake.
    2. Go to Zumba
    3. Continue to touch other lives.
    Jackielyn Catalla

  5. My wish list for 2015 is
    A kindle
    A vegan leather handbag
    Workout clothes

  6. Liberty FontanillaMarch 14, 2015 at 3:40 AM

    My wish list for 2015 is
    A DSLR camera
    A new smartphone with a very good front cam
    A monopod

  7. My wish list for 2015 is a professional Nikon DSLR camera for my sideline business, more outdoor activities to keep me fit and more bonding moments with my family.

    Aldrin Montierro

  8. I always wanted and wish to have Naked Palette honestly i can't afford to buy it since i have kids i don't usually buy things for me.I always see Naked Palette in many online shops but oviously "mostly are fake"i don't want to buy fake make ups naman just to get it :-) also second wish this year is a tablet or ipad for my son.(Lagi kaming nag aawagawan lol) Thanks for the chance to win in your giveaway!Hope all your wishes will be grant this year as well as mine.God Bless.Stay pretty and inspire and share beauty tips. :-)

    Almaira Casanguan

  9. My wishlist for this year 2015:
    1. Shaun T's Complete Set of Workout Dvd (Insanity Max:30)
    -no need for more workout equipment! these workout dvd's is a miracle worker and I can't wait to have them and try them out :) (I have copies of some but not complete btw)
    2. New Smartphone (the latest!)
    3. Travel (vacation with my family)
    4. New Ink (eyebrow and lip)
    5. Lipstick lipstick lipstick! More shades of red, orange and pink :)

  10. I really want and wish to have Naked Palette,but as a mom i can even buy if because usually buy our basic needs,I always see Naked Palette in many online shops but mostly are fake and i don't want to buy even if the price is cheaper.I always keep in my mind never ever use fake make ups,a No No! =) second wish to have this year is tablet or ipad for my son =) (always kaming nag aagawan lol!) Lastly my wish this year is maging regular employee na hubby ko. Thanks for the chance.GodBless!
    Almaira Casanguan

  11. My wishlist for 2015:
    * DSLR- my daughter love to take photos and mahilig din magpunta sa mga concert, kaya we really need a good quality cam. * New running shoes para maka-join na ulet sa mga fun run * and More story books for my younger daughter

  12. Every girl usually have the same thing in common, honestly saying we almost have the same wishlist. Make up, lippies, brushes. Who else wouldn't want to have that? I bet most of the girls do. As a blogger too, I am looking forward to have my own DSLR and a room where I can take photos with great lightning, quality photos and where can I make more dramas to it.

    Moreover, I also wanted to have a new laptop. A macbook perhaps! So I enjoy blogging without hangs and delays.
    Keep blogging sissy! More power to this wonderful blog! :)

  13. Hi @helen gatbonton, try using hypoallergenic products for your daughter, her skin may be reacting to harmful ingredients of some items. :) Thank you for joining!

  14. Hi @sherry ann gole cruz Oooohhh, I want a new signature bag too! :)

  15. Hi @Marykay Marilao, Zumba is a great work out! :)

  16. Hi @rachel, Kindle is nice. Before, I use a Nook for ebook reader but it already died on me. LOL. Now, I use Bauhn. Its cheaper but works okay.

  17. Hi @Liberty Fontanilla, we have the same wish for DSLR... its a blogger's wish to own a good camera.

  18. Hi @Aldrin Montierro, we have the same wish for the Nikon DSLR. :)

  19. Hi @maria pascua, I haven't tried the Insanity workout, is it good? I agree, a girl can never have enough lipstick!

  20. Hi @Mai Casanguan, I agree. There are so many online shops selling fake Naked palettes so when the time comes that you are going to buy one, make sure that the seller is already legit.

  21. @Chel Agcaoili, we have the same wish for the DSLR! Wow, continue to encourage your daughter to read. That is how I started my love for books, my mother and father always encourage me to read one when I was younger.

  22. Hi @Christine Fernandez, Insanity workout will transform your body into something you will be proud of, ripped! I've tried it before, after giving birth and doing it again now because I gave birth again haha! I need to lose weight and tone my body. So to answer your question if it is good? No. It is the best. Because it is the hardest workout ever but it will give you crazy-good result.

  23. My Wishlist for 2015 are the ff.

    1) New phone
    2) New Laptop
    3) Dslr Camera
    4) New clothes and shoes to add in my closet

    "Aside from things I want here are the list I want to achieve"

    Finish highschool I'm turning 4th year high this Coming school year, Lose weight, Have clearer skin growing up expect breakouts and Try more new resto. Hehe :)))

    Trixie Desamito

  24. Hi @Yuri (˚▽˚) Yuri! Thank you so much, I visited your site and I love it. Hope to chat with you more soon! :)

  25. Thanks for the visit sis. More power to us and to our blogs. <3


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