My 2nd Everyday Me Package: Pantene, Ambipur, Downy

Saturday, March 28, 2015

My 2nd Everyday Me Package: Pantene, Ambipur, Downy

I am so shocked when the package came all at the same time. I received four boxes of items from Everyday Me. I signed up for this samples but I was not expecting that I will be receiving everything in one day, also I got additional membership card and discount coupons.

Together with my package, Everyday Me sent a card greeting for Valentine's Day.

I haven't tried using the membership card yet but I find it really cute and in my favorite color too, Pink! 

The discounts included on the membership card are these coupons:

These are the items that I got, all of it are in full sizes.

To know more about Everyday Me, just go to the link here.


  1. Hi Christine! I've signed up for this long time ago but still haven't received any package? I'm still a little confused on how the site works :/

    Nice products by the way! I will really appreciate Downy because I'm the one who washes our clothes at home hihi

  2. Hi @Gen-zel, Have you signed up for products, there's a link you have to click that says "get a sample" and they will deliver it to your house for free. This Downy smells nice, its like perfume. I use it on my uniform. :)

  3. I agree with you @Gen-zel I still haven't received mine Haha I think it's last year pa. >.<

  4. Oh no, so far I receive all the items without any problems. Do you think it can be related to the location? According to the one group I am a member at Facebook, they say that deliveries on certain areas have a problem. @Gen-zel and @Glenda C.


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