40/365: List of Fears

Monday, February 9, 2015

List of Fears

I am wondering if this challenge is supposed to be a list of my fears or a general list of fears. However, if I create a list of general fears, this list will be long. So I will just write about a list of my fears.

1. Acrophobia - I am afraid of heights.
2. Aviophobia - I am afraid to fly (like riding in airplanes, anything that will take me up high. I think this is related to my acrophobia)
3. Dentophobia - I am not really afraid of dentists specially when it is regular cleaning but I am very afraid to have my dental procedure extraction of ALL of my impacted wisdom tooth. Imagine having to undergo four times of tooth extraction?! My case is also complicated as two of my wisdom tooth are under my jaw bone so they have to remove a part of my bone too! No way that I will go under this procedure. LOL.
4. Tokophobia - I have a fear of giving birth. I did not experience this yet but I always see it before in my work. I am afraid to see it happen to me. Watching the baby come out down there, I think I want to undergo elective cesarean delivery when the time comes.

I did not know that my fear for dental procedure and giving birth is a phobia until I researched the lists of fears online. Try reading the lists in Wikipedia and you may be surprised that some of the things we do not like are considered phobias.

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