My Version Of Makeup Brush Holder

Sunday, February 8, 2015

My Version Of Makeup Brush Holder

I used to use Wine Glasses for my brushes but its tedious to maintain the brushes clean from dust. My post about what my beauty nook looks like is here:, you can see my previous holder of brushes on this post.

I wanted to have a brush holder that can be tightly sealed but I find  the acrylic cases quite costly. Every tine I go shopping, I always look for a cheap replacement to my wine glass holder. One day, when my sister and I visited the Robinson's Metroeast (In search of Daiso products), I saw this glass bottle in their Department Store.

The container is tall and made of glass. Its top lid is a stainless steel. I checked the price and I saw it costs 149.75php! I said no harm in trying this bottle for my brushes and if it does not work, its easy to use for kitchen items instead. When I got  home, I placed my brushes inside and it is just perfect.

Originally this glass container is for kitchen use. I loved that the lid can be tightly sealed so I know dust cannot penetrate it easily.

The downside though, my brushes are stacked together but the bristles of my brushes are not deformed. I also cannot seal it if my brushes are still wet as they can harbor bacteria. Nevertheless, I am happy with my new container. Since it is made of glass, I was able to sterilize it before I put my brushes inside. Now, I can sterilize it once a week in time with the cleaning of my brushes.

If you are just starting to have a makeup brush collection, you can always try to find a remedy if you want to spend less. :)

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