Zenutrients: Relaxing Epsom Salt with Green Bamboo

Sunday, January 11, 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: Zenutrients' Relaxing Epsom Salt with Green Bamboo

I love body scrubs like bath salts or exfoliates specially if the scent is relaxing and invigorating. I am so happy when I got this from Sample Room's VIP gift. I now have a new item to add on my collection. It just took me a while to write this review.

Zenutrients are guaranteed natural and organic. Epsom salts originally came from Epsom in Surrey, England. They said that Epsom salts has many benefits for beauty, health and for garden use. Epsom salts has properties that said can soothe mind and body, for example it relieves muscle pains. Also, they are believed to release toxins from body. For health and beauty, Epsom salts has proven to help treat Athlete's foot, toenail fungus and even remove foot odors. Besides exfoliates function for skin, it also dislodges blackheads. 

On the other hand, Fresh bamboo is known for their leaves to be anti-oxidants. It can also ease inflammations, for example is allergic reaction. The scent from a bamboo's oil is always used for aromatherapy. 

Zenutrients offers a lot of body scrubs besides Epsom salts, I think I want to collect them all and my priority to try is the Revitalizing Eucalyptus and Peppermint, I have always been in love with the fragrance and relaxation Eucalyptus leaves can emit.

Let me share now my full insight.

Brand: Zenutrients

Type: Epsom Salt with Green Bamboo

Weight: 100g

Product Description: The ultimate multi-use product. Exfoliates skin, relaxes and relieves the body from toxins! Made with green bamboo for total relaxation. This design was inspired by the complimentary force of yan and ying that binds nature together as one whole.

How to use: Can be used for body - Soak in a warm bath to reduce pain and swelling of sprains and bruises. Remove dead skin by mixing a handful and rub all over skin while bathing.

                 Can be used for feet - Mix in warm water and soak to remove odor, soothe aches and soften feet.

                     Can be used for face - Mix with your cleanser to exfoliate.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, Fresh bamboo

>It can really exfoliate as my skin looked brighter, felt smoother and softer after one use
>Scent is mild but relaxing. The fragrance reminds me of when I am inside a spa.
>Manufactured in the Philippines and has a manufactured date
>It has a protective lid 
>After the salt was fully dissolved, it became like an oil that soothes the skin after it was exfoliated. The oil-like consistency is not hard to remove after shower.

>Salts are easily melted so the tendency is I have to scoop more salts to finish off my whole body - in short, one canister will not last long
>No expiration date specified

Buy again? 90%

Overall Rating: 3/5

Price: 125php (Got this from Sample Room as a gift for being a VIP member)

Where to buy? SM North Edsa - Annex (Kiosk), To see more stores, check their website here.

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