11/365: What Happened Today in Bullet Form

Sunday, January 11, 2015

What Happened Today In Bullet Form

  • Its January 11 so at 12MN, I greeted my boyfriend, "Happy Monthsary"
  • I started to sleep around 1AM
  • Woke up at 9AM to have my newly adopted dogs get a haircut and be groomed
  • Ate early at 11AM because my shift is 2PM to 10PM
  • Took a shower at 12:30NN
  • Had my makeup of the day done
  • Left for work at 1:30PM
  • Timed-in at work at 1:47PM
  • I got the chance to see my friend Jing of mykikaystuff.com when she made her rounds at work
  • Waited for my area to have my duty (because we have no patient) until 3PM then started working
  • Did my work until past 10PM
  • Left work at 10:50PM
  • Arrived home at 11:30PM
  • Opened this blog post and shared it 
  • Sleeping time... Goodnight everyone!

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