BioSea: Dead Sea Salts

Friday, January 9, 2015

BioSea: Dead Sea Salts

I got this bath salt as a Christmas gift from one of my favorite known pediatricians at my work. The minerals of dead sea salt has many benefits like its slows down aging and fights stress. It gives skin moisture and helps soothe sore muscles. That is why dead sea salts are famous for being used on skin care. 

As you will see the photo below, I transferred the contents in a container so I can share what it looks like.

Brand: BioSea

Type: Dead Sea Bath Salt

Weight: 300g

Product Description: Enjoy this unique bathing experience bringing the famous therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea directly to your own personal bath. For thousands of years, the unique combinations of minerals and salts found only in the Dead Sea, have been known source of treatment and nourishment for the body: providing help for many common muscular aches and pains while moisturizing and conditioning for a radiant and silky-smooth skin. Relax and benefit from soaking in this very special product from the Dead Sea. Your skin will thank you.

How to use: Empty the contents of the Bath salts sachet into the warm water tub. Soak yourself for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse off thoroughly in shower. For best and effective results repeat 2-3 times a week. Avoid eye contact. For external use only.

Ingredients: Dead sea minerals (MgC12, KCl, NaC12, CaCl12), Essential Oil, Food colors, Aerosil200

> Moisturized my skin a little 
> My skin felt smooth after use
> Easily dissolves in warm water but there's a few salts left that did not dissolved
> Sanitary since one pack is enough for one use - it saves you a lot of hassle in saving left over salts
> Handy to bring for travels

> Cannot be used as a exfoliating salts (The curiosity and blogger in me, I experimented and tried using if it can be used as a salt alone and it hurt my skin LOL)
> Watch out for any small wounds, I have a small cut on my finger and it did sting a little when my skin was soaked by the dissolved dead sea salt. It reminded me of a real sea.
> No scent or fragrance (Others may like it though)

Buy again? 30%

Overall Rating: 2/5

Price: It was given as a gift, I do not know how much it is.

Where to buy? It was given as a gift so I do not know where they got it. Check their website: Beauty Secrets

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