5/365: My Hobbies

Monday, January 5, 2015

My Hobbies

I like reading fanfiction novels from Fanfiction.net specially when I want to make myself sleepy, this is my past time when I am just lounging in bed. My sister finds it odd because how come I love reading a fake story, and I just said I like to read different scenarios. So far, I only met two people who reads fanfiction novels, one is my niece and the other one is a friend of mine in college.

I really love baking stuff even though no one likes to eat sweets at home (even me). The tendency is I need to lower the amount of sugar just so I could force it into my family and if they cannot finish all of it, I will just bring some the food at work.

Sometimes I practice my skill in makeup even if I am not going outdoors. I also like fixing my vanity area, play around with some of my lipsticks or just test the new items that I have. From this hobby, comes my blogging, I like to share what I learn and tried.

According to my family, I also love to munch on chips when I do not have anything to do. 

If I have extra time besides working and blogging, I read books. My usual kind of books are dystopian society novels and young adult though. I never read horror or suspense books. I don't even like watching scary movies. My imagination gets crazy whenever I watch something scary.

My past time when I just want to lie down and relax is to watch my favorite movies, cartoons, anime or series. For series, I love watching Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Princess Hours, It Started With A Kiss again and again. For cartoons, my favorite is How To Train Your Dragon and Disney movies. Then for the anime and movies, too many to mention. It just depends on my mood. Most of the time as I observed though, I love watching Devil Wears Prada, Mean Girls and Fast and Furious movies.

So far, this is how my life revolves from day to day. I always multi-task so sometimes I do at least two-three of these hobbies at the same time. How about you, what are your hobbies?

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