10/365: My Family

Friday, January 9, 2015

My Family

I just realized while doing this challenge that we really do not have a complete family picture. Its really rare that we can be all together at the same time because most of the times they are not in the Philippines. 

First, my Dad (wearing eyeglasses, the one holding my shoulder on the photo above) is the best father and I will be forever thankful that he was my Dad. He was a full time Dad. He cooks my food everyday including snacks to bring in school. Sends me to school and comes back for me after my classes. He even went to my first dance party! He watched all of my cheer dance competitions and had been present for all of my graduations. I miss him everyday. I wish cancer did not take him away from us. 

My mother is health conscious and ever since I was a kid she works abroad. She is the one who encouraged me to become a nurse. My Mom is obsessed in having our home sorted and clean. We usually fight about the excess things in my room since I am a hoarder. LOL. 

I have three wicked sisters. We all have different interests but at the same time we all have the same temper. I am the youngest and I am proud of my older sisters. 

I also consider my each sister's family as part of my family! I am also close to my nieces on both of my sisters. I love them a lot!

My grandmother who passed away at the age of 92 years old is still a great part of our family. We miss her a lot. 

I consider my boyfriend as family as we have been together for 9 years already (turning 10 years this August 2015). I am always with my boyfriend's family too, so I also consider them family. 

Pets? Yes, its a part of my family too!

Our african love birds

My sister's dog

My boyfriend's (and I's second baby but we gave it for him and his family) dog, photo taken by his family

This is my boyfriend and I's first baby girl, she died last December 26, 2014 due to pyometra

Yesterday, I adopted two dogs, no pictures yet! 

I think its enough sharing for one day! Have a great day! :)

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