Unboxing My 5th Saladbox - Exclusive Cream Silk

Friday, September 26, 2014

Unboxing My Saladbox - Cream Silk Conditioners and Vouchers

The Saladbox keeps on getting better and better from my previous exclusive Missha box now they offered exclusive Cream Silk box for the month of August. So far, from all the Cream Silk Conditioners, I only tried the Stand Out Straight (the pink one). But what I love most in this box? Its the voucher for the Hairstyling Workshop and for the anniversary celebration of Saladbox, they also gave me a free one month subscription! So, yay!!!

What is exactly included inside my box?

1 pc Stand Out Straight Conditioner - 137php
1 pc Hair Fall Defense Conditioner - 137php
1 pc Dry Rescue Conditioner - 137php
1 pc Damage Control Conditioner - 137php
1 Ticket for Hairstyling Workshop - 1500php
1 Ticket for one month Saladbox Subscription - 500php

Total of 6 items
Worth of 2548php of items!

This box is worth more than I paid for, I am so lucky! :)

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