Thank You For My Loot Bag!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thank You So Much Because Inc.!

The other day, I am delighted to be able to meet the people behind these amazing brands when I was invited to their office. The Cream Factory and Saforelle that I learned to love in the short span of time. Not only that, I got a new stock of Saforelle and I will be able to try the Scrub-in-a-tub for the first time and a new scrub to accompany me in my showers!

It was just last year, in the event of BDJ: Make It Happen that I became familiar with the brand. Link to event here: BDJ Make It Happen 2013

I won a prize from the event that I was so happy to take home the new Saforelle feminine wash. I already posted a review of Saforelle Feminine Wash before. Its a brand that I can use everyday without worrying about dryness. The link to my previous review here: Saforelle Feminine Wash.

I already knew about The Cream Factory but I had only been able to try it first via Sample Room. The price is a little higher compared to other body wash available but for me, it is really worth it. You can skip using body lotions because the body wash kept my skin hydrated. Full review of the Goat's Milk Honey that I got before here: Cream Factory Goat's Milk. The body wash is really addicting, making my everyday shower from work more fun! I hope I can try all the 12 scents available soon!

Now, I am excited to share with you the full product review for the Scrub-in-a-tub to be posted soon! 

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