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Saturday, July 12, 2014

International Beauty Fair 2: Golden Balancing Makeup Workshop by Yuko Kunishi

View from 2nd Floor of Mega Fashion Hall

Yuko Kunishi, a Japanese beauty consultant came to Philippines to share her knowledge and skill to teach us the Golden Balancing Makeup Workshop. The workshop is scheduled twice a day for three days. From July 4 to 6 of 2014 at 2PM or 5PM. The ticket to the workshop is to have a 5,000php receipt of purchase from any Shiseido store applicable for the month of June. 

The event was held at the Ground Floor, Mega Fashion Hall Megamall. The Mega Fashion Hall is located in the new building of Megamall, the place suits the Shiseido event with all its brand new shiny flooring and bright lights. Its also wide and easy to locate.

Ms. Carmel Villongco, the brand ambassador of Shiseido Philippines is very gracious to offer me a free ticket and to bring my friends and others who may want to attend the event in appreciation of supporting Shiseido from previous workshops and product launches. I had always attended their informative workshops and the Golden Balancing Makeup Workshop with Yuko Kunishi is my fourth conference from Shiseido.

I do not want to take for granted this great opportunity and I posted on my blog for other bloggers if they wanted to come with me. Here is the link of my previous post: Shiseido Workshop Free Pass. I managed to take two bloggers to join me, Ms. Glenda Candedeir of and Ms. Janina Reyes of The event itself is where I met also them personally and I am so happy to be with my fellow beauty bloggers. I asked my best friend since High School, Thea Bravo, a Community Mobilizer and Ms. Ericka Roxas-Gatmaitan, my friend who is a free lance make up artist to attend the workshop with me. Some attended the event separately.

From left to right: Ericka Roxas-Gatmaitan, Thea Bravo, Glenda Candedeir and Janina Reyes

With Glenda of W

With Adee and Armagine Cabrera

Focusing back on the event, it was exciting to see that the area is already well prepared for the workshop. Each table having the cosmetics and mirrors placed accordingly. The stage is primed for the workshop too. 

The makeups available on my table

Going around the event, their products are displayed and you can buy at their counters. Refreshments and snacks are also offered on their bar. All of their items are on sale with 20% off offered only during the event. I restocked my Ibuki Softening Concentrate, taking advantage of the discount offer. Review of the Ibuki Softening Concentrate link here.

Shiseido Skin Care Line On Display

The pre-selected cosmetics by Yuko Kunishi. These pre-selected cosmetics were offered in package saving at least 3000php off each package.

Snack Bar. Snacks are being delivered to the table.

The workshop started by Ms. Carmel Villongco introducing Ms. Yuko Kunishi and inviting her to the stage. They called a representative that will be the model for Ms. Yuko Kunishi. Each attendees of the workshop will be working on its own together with Ms. Yuko Kunishi. Its not that hard to listen and try to do the techniques to yourself at the same time.

Ms. Carmel Villongco                                  Ms. Yuko Kunishi

The makeup workshop started with the skin care regimen. Skin cleansing with the use of White Lucent Foam that targets dark spots and brightens skin which is selected by Ms. Yuko Kunishi. After cleansing, she used a softener to bring back the PH balance and take away dead skin cells opening up the pores. The softener helps the serum and moisturizer that Ms. Yuko used to penetrate deeper into the skin. Ms. Yuko Kunishi suggested that serums can be used twice daily - day and night. 

Before the actual workshop, Ms. Carmel explained the Balancing Makeup Theory which means "The proportions of the face means the balance of the features in relation to the entire face. The essential point is how to bring balance to space without being caught up the impression of the face". They taught us how to identify the spaces or proportions on your face like spacing between features, size of features and positioning of features. 

Proportions on a face

To start with Basic Makeup Techniques after identifying the makeup proportion, Ms. Yuko gave an advice that if you want a matte makeup look, use their foundation powders. While using liquid foundations can give a moisturized look. Ms. Yuko reminded to use minimal foundation on oily T-zone. The powder foundation she chose is the Sheer Matifying Compact and the liquid foundation she used on the model is the Radiant Liquid Lifting Foundation. She proceed with the concealer application under the eyes.

Next step she does is fixing the eyebrows. The start of your eyebrow should be on the inner corner of the eye. The end of your eyebrow should be parallel to the outer part of your eye. The arch should be 2/3 of the way from the start of eyebrow just inside the outer corner of the eye. See the imaginary lines I did on my picture below:

I still need to trim some of my eyebrows because of the little excess but as you can see on the picture, I only darkened my brows with the use of the pencil starting from where my brows should start.

In applying eye shadow, you can always play around with the colors specially if you are already used to putting on makeups. In the workshop, I chose to use the three set of eye shadow colors (picture below) as it looks more natural. The lightest color will be used as your base, the darker color will be used on the crease of the eye and the darkest will be applied closer to your eye lids.

The eyeliner used is a pencil and was applied on both the upper and lower lids of the eyes. If you want to make your eyes look ascending, add extra strokes of lines onto your outer eye. 

Shiseido has their own eye lash curler that is easy to use and can curl close to your lids without hurting your lids. After curling the lashes, Ms. Yuko Kunishi suggested we use their Nourishing Mascara Base and Perfect Defining Volume Mascara that I noticed after hours from the event, it did not smudged or clumped.

Now that we were done on the eyes, the next is contouring, putting a cheek color and highlighting. We used the Face Color Enhancing Trio. It is really a nice set of makeup from Shiseido as it offers the blush, contour and highlighting in one packaging. 

There are 4 shades you can choose from.

Last is the lipstick, either you use a Perfect Rouge Lipstick or the Lacquer Gloss. Try to be daring and use both, like I did. I put on the lipstick first then added a gloss onto my lips. Now that my makeup is done, what do you think of my before and after pictures below? Don't we all love makeups to enhance our features? My skin is usually dry and dull without makeup.

Before ending the event, Ms. Yuko Kunishi chose two winners for the best Golden Balancing Transformation Look and it was really nice to see the smile of the winners, they really look amazing and I know they deserve to win. They even did greater job on their eyeliners and smokey eyes than me! The prize they got is a Yukata Facial only redeemable at their new branch in Megamall, Flagship branch. 

The two winners of Yukata Facial

The highlights of the event for me is having my very first certificate for makeup workshop! I attended a lot of workshops but this is my first one that has a certificate that I totally not expected. Not only that, I am so happy I get to see Ms. Carmel again and was able to take a picture with her and Ms. Yuko Kunishi, whom by the way retouched the eyeliner I had done before taking a picture with me. I also met Ms. Jacque Oda in person, she is also a student on the workshop, I did not pass the chance to take a picture with her. 

My first certificate! Cheers!

With Shiseido's Brand Ambassador, Ms. Carmel Villongco

With Japanese Beauty Consultant, Ms. Yuko Kunishi

Ms. Yuko Kunishi retouching my eyeliner

With Ms. Jacque Oda

Thank you Shiseido  and Ms. Carmel Villongco for the gift

Another successful and sensational wokshop from Shiseido wherein I am so happy to be part of. I do hope that the readers of this blog post can learn a few techniques from what I shared. 

I cannot wait for the next event from Shiseido Philippines. With my full appreciation and gratitude that no words can ever express it right, thank you Shiseido and Ms. Carmel Villongco for the invite and to Ms. Yuko Kunishi for sharing her talent with us. 

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