Keep Track Of Your Wish List

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Do you have a long time wish list of what you dream to buy but cannot afford it or just not your priority?

Well I do, I keep track of things I want and always number them according to my priorities. I even keep a small notebook for this and from time to time my list changes. This helps to be more motivated specially in work. It gives me a positive outlook on why I want to work and earn money. Its like a replacement for my alarm clock to give me the energy to get up in the mornings. 

At first I usually write it on papers and recently I am feeling down on my job, so I transferred it into a small notebook to keep me slightly focused. 

Since I am single and has no children, my priorities is much more different and residing more on materialistic things. But this is what makes me happy as of now. I am young and I earn my own money so why not buy what you want and enjoy life as a single person. 

Everyone can contain a different set of lists. But if it works for me, why don't you try to do it for yourself too. Keep a small fashionably cute notebook, write in pencil all you want and set them by priorities or maybe you can also write with a use of pen and have fun crossing out of what you already got. It can be cosmetics, clothes, gadgets, vacations, a house or car - whatever comes in your mind, its just a list no harm can be done. Place it beside your alarm clock so every time your alarm clock rings, you will see it and be reminded of your goals. 

Keep track of your wish list. See everything come to life. 

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