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Friday, July 4, 2014

A Memorable Day For A Rookie Blogger Like Me

It feels like it was yesterday when I registered on the L'Occitane's App on Facebook (Image above) for a chance to win an overnight stay for two. As the time flied, I even forgot about this contest that I joined. Until one day, I received an e-mail that I apparently won! I claimed it on Rustan's Main Office in Makati. And I got the Gift Certificate and a bag of L'Occitane items (Image below) from them. 

I already posted a review on the item that I got last year. But I just redeemed the overnight stay last June 2 to 3 hence, my late post.

The overnight stay that I won was a suite room in a 3.5 star hotel, Hotel Celeste. According to Trip Advisor, the hotel ranks 6th in Makati-based lodgings. They earned a certificate of excellence for the year 2014.  Its a contemporary themed lodging based in the heart of a sophisticated city. Hotel Celeste is fashionably located at San Lorenzo Drive Corner Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo Village, 1220 Makati. It is easy to locate as it is along the main road. Its just a walking distance to Greenbelt, Glorietta, SM and Landmark. I wasn't able to take a picture of the front of the hotel because they were renovating at my time of stay but I got a picture courtesy from their Facebook account below.

Photo image courtesy of Hotel Celeste

Hotel Celeste is a 3 storey building with a roof deck. From deluxe to suite rooms, they also offer conference rooms. The restaurant, Lucia Restorante and the Breakfast Bar is situated on the lobby. The place is illuminated with decorative lights making it look classy. The architectural design of the lobby is a combined glass and seraphic European design which gives their guest a feeling of excitement upon entry. 

Breakfast Bar:

The last image is courtesy of Hotel Celeste

The elevator is located behind the reception area. Adjacent to the reception area are the stairs and waiting area. The receptionist and other staff wears a themed uniforms, complete with a head dress and they are warmly accommodating to us. Upon checking-in, I am given a password and username for my WiFi connection for my whole stay. Yes, the place is supported by WiFi and it is a fast connection too. 

The staff helped us get our things to our room and given us our welcome drinks. Now, let us explore the suite room.

Upon entry to the room, the dining area welcomes the guests. (Images above) The suite room consists two split type air conditioners making the room feel cool soothing the late summer heat. The dining area has a four seater dining table. The chairs and furniture are grand. The kitchen has sink, a microwave and the mini-bar. The mini bar contains the refrigerator, complimentary water and coffee, as well as the food and drinks that you can purchase.

Also included in the dining area is the cabinet - containing the safety box, slippers, bathrobes and extra pillows and blankets.

Across the dining area is the lounge and the entertainment system. The curtains behind the sofa can be set as black-out to hide the bright lights from the sun or city lights.

The LCD television with Sky cable and DVD player is placed together in the lounging area. The television can be seen directly from the bedroom too. It also includes an IPOD Dock Station. So, no worries that you will be bored with this entertainment system they have. Guests can also borrow original DVD's from the information section if you want to watch something from their selection with no extra fee. 

Look how inviting the bedroom is, with the queen sized bed and fluffy pillows and comforters. The designs on the wall are hand painted making it more intricate. The curtains in the bedroom can also be closed as black-out. There is also a sofa at the foot of the bed. 

There is a desk where you can do work related things or just stuff, like me I brought my laptop to do some of my reviews during my stay. There is a ready socket for you to charge your laptops or phones with on the desk. This is  a good working desk for working men or women here in Makati. The menus for room-service food is also displayed on the desk. Beside the room or desk is the way to the bathroom.

The bathroom is really spacious and complete! With the rain shower and a big tub. The vanity area has a large mirror and the sink is located there and has a blow drier for hair installed on the wall. All of the shower, tub and sink has cold and hot water. The toilet bowl has a bidet - which I really REALLY like, not all hotels (even 5 stars ones) contains bidet! 

Of course a luxurious place deserves luxurious products. The bathroom sets are from L'Occitane. The set includes shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion. L'Occitane is a well-known brand producing best items that I really enjoy. You can check the links here for my previous reviews of L'Occitane products: L'Occitane Hand Cream and Bath Set.

I took this chance to indulge myself in a warm, bubble bath. I bought some bath salts from Lush and submerged it onto the tub. Try using Lush (look how bubbly the tub at the image below) products for bath soaks and you will be amazed how wonderful the scents can make you feel refreshed and relaxed. I don't have no idea how long I enjoyed this tub but I wish we had a tub in our home too.

After the warm bath that I really enjoyed, I had a complimentary foot and leg massage to finish my day. And I slept a real good night of sleep after a stressful week from work,

Going around the hotel before breakfast, the pictures below is the view from the roof deck. The roof deck can be used as a place for party. It is open air and has a bar station at the side of the deck.

I took my family with me to the hotel stay and originally there is only two breakfast buffet included for my stay, we just paid an extra for the rest of the family. Buffet costs 400+ per head. Their breakfast buffet plate will only allow you to order one from the menu of your choice and there is a breakfast bar which contains the breads, salad, cereals, fruits, desserts and juices that is really a eat all you can.

(Sorry for the blurred photo, I hadn't noticed this until I got home. The table serves hams and croissants, breads)

The food is sumptuous and I am satisfied, specially with the dish of poached eggs and bread. The pictures below are few of the best plate dishes they offer on the menu:

The center piece of the table is an herbal plant with its benefits listed on the tag.

All in all, I really enjoyed my vacation stay at Hotel Celeste and I can't wait to come back. Its a place I can recommend for stay in Makati. The stay for a night in Hotel Celeste can range from 9k to 15k depending on the offered rate. I am so thankful for L'Occitane in giving me this overnight vacation experience and thank you so much for the wonderful stay Hotel Celeste. 

Check L'Occitane's page here for future promos or contests here: Facebook page

Check Hotel Celeste for updates and room rates here: Facebook page

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