Certain Dri: Anti-Perspirant Roll-On

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Certain Dri: Anti-Perspirant Roll-On

Brand: Certain Dri

Type: Anti-perspirant roll-on

Weight: 1.2oz

Formulation: Roll-on

Consistency: Clear Liquid

Ingredients: Aluminum chloride 12%, Water, Polyacrylate crosspolymer-6, sodium hydroxide

Uses: Treats excessive perspiration and reduces underarm wetness

Declared by product: Number one recommended by doctors to a guaranteed satisfaction of having the most effective anti-perspirant without a need of prescription. It offers 3 times longer lasting protection. 

> Complete description of drug facts
> Medically approved
> With expiration date
> Completely sweat free on underarms
> Decreases the chance of using a deodorant on mornings that tend to result in black underarms
> No need for prescriptions

> Episodes of itchiness occurs when I applied too much
> Hard to keep track of schedule on when to apply

How to Use:
Apply only at bedtime because it works while we sleep to shrink our pores to stop perspiration all day and it will not be washed off the next day after bathing or showering. Apply to underarms ONLY. Few strokes is enough on each arm. Apply 1-2 strokes on each underarm (For solid, 4 to 6 strokes). It doesn't need to be applied everyday. Experiment first on how long the products work for you first. This can be used every other day. Stop using if any rash or irritation occurs. 

Do not use after shaving
Do not use on broken and irritated skin
Do not use immediately after bathing
If you have a kidney disease, ask a doctor first before use
This can discolor clothing if not yet completely dry

There is also a Certain Dri Solid which they recommend for use if you have a sensitive skin. You can use an ordinary deodorant or none at all if you can for morning use. 

I tried applying for three consecutive nights for my first try and I hadn't needed to re-apply for four days after that. It is a good schedule for one week. I now do this routine schedule, for example, I apply the Certain Dri every Friday to Sunday nights. Try which best works for you.

Buy again? 100%

Price: $5.18

Where to buy? 

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