Unboxing My 7th BDJ Box: Let The Beauty Begin (Exclusive Benefit June Box)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

June BDJ Box: Exclusive Benefit

Let The Beauty Begin!

I am so happy to receive an exclusive box from BDJ - again! Hooray! Here is the link of my previous box, that is exclusive from Benefit last March with the theme - Secrets of Spy Gal. In this link, I already reviewed each product that I got. Some of the items in the new box were the same as the previous box like the Benetint, Porefessional and the Hello Flawless Brightening Makeup. 

The exclusive box from Benefit focused their items to be weather proof, protection from the transition of sunny to rainy season. Not only the items are superb but they also included some added deals. There are two vouchers: Free makeupper and just pay 300php for Brow Wax Service with any purchase. A magazine featuring all the products they have is also included on the box.

But what made me jumped upon opening of my box? It was to see the Lolli Tint Sample included, that is the only missing piece on my collection of Benefit Tints and Beams, although this is just a sample size... I am still happy but I still have the itch to buy the full size soon! Here is a link of my Benefit collection of full sizes from before: Tints and Beams. Its just sad that some of the beams are not being produced anymore so I wasn't able to restock some of them now.

What are you waiting for? BDJ Box subscription is really worth your money. Here is the website link if you want to check their shop or subscribe for a box: BDJ Box Website.

Box Contents: (Sample sizes)
1. Fake Up
2. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup
3. Porefessional
4. Big Easy
5. Bene Tint
6. Lolli Tint
7. They're Real Mascara
8. Free makeupper voucher
9. Discount voucher for Brow Wax with purchase

Total of 9 items

Estimate of Box Contents: (If all in full sizes)
1. Fake Up - 1600php
2. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup - 1900php
3. Porefessional - 1600php
4. Big Easy - 2000php
5. Bene Tint - 1700php
6. Lolli Tint - 1700php
7. They're Real Mascara - 1300php

Total worth of: 11,800php

I will post separately for each product reviews, so stay posted! :)

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