Fairness And Flawless: Sergeant At Arms Review

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sergeant At Arms Spray

Is there a time that you don't want to go out of the house because of the hot weather? All the sweat, haggard look and feeling the signs of dehydration. One of the most bothering sweating caused by the hot weather is feeling the sweat from the armpits - it is uncomfortable, irritating and limits the color or kinds of clothes we can wear. It is hard to find an antiperspirant deodorant that is not harmful to our armpits. Many deodorants with antiperspirant effect leads to dark underarms or the product is too strong that it leaves marks on clothes.

Fairness and Flawless found a way to help ease our problem in sweating. An antiperspirant spray milder through its non-alcoholic and fruit based contents. Fruits are known for their anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Depending on the fruit, some fruits can also cause whitening and smoothing of skin.

Weight: 50ml

Formulation: Bottle with spray

Consistency: Water

Usage amount: One spray per armpit

Ingredients: Fruit-distilled

> Fruit-distilled content
> Non-alcohol content
> Dermatological tested
> Contains agents that prevent chicken skin and hair growth - it did delay the growth of my hair in my experience
> Antiperspirant
> Hygienic - spray type bottle
> Refreshing feeling after spray

> Full list of ingredients not disclosed on bottle
> Strong scent

After spraying, let it dry first since it is liquid-based. 


Buy again? 100%

Price: 120php

*This item was sponsored by a retailer of Fairness And Flawless in Quezon City.*


  1. Hi, thanks for this! No worries, the full list of ingredients will be indicated on our newest batch. :

  2. Did it really lighten underarms? How long before you see the effects?

  3. Hi. Nakakaputi ba talaga to ng underam? Thank you! :)


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