Celeteque: Back Acne Spray

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Celeteque Acne Solutions: Back Acne Spray

I have many reviews on Celeteque products, you can check it on my blog site's home page. There is a category on Labels section. Celeteque products are hypo allergenic and gentle on skin.

Brand: Celeteque

Type: Back Acne Spray - Acne Solution

Weight: 30ml

Formulation: Bottle with spray

Consistency: Water (Like alcohol)

> Contains hydroxy acid (Salycylic acid) that removes dead skin and back acne
> Reduces acne by blocking the pores
> Hypo allergenic
> Contains Gluconolactone which gently removes build-up of dead skin cells

> Strong smell like alcohol

Spray to affected area on back or even your whole back. Let it dry before wearing clothes on top of it.


Buy again? 50%

Price: 320php

Where to buy? Department stores, Celeteque online website

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