Nivea: Deep Cleansing Mud Foam

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Nivea Deep Cleansing Mud Foam

Nivea is a known brand since early 1900's. And until now, they are famous for creating safe skin care products. 

Brand: Nivea

Type: Deep Cleansing Mud Foam

Weight: 100g

Formulation: Tube

Consistency: Foam (But creamy)

Target: To remove 10 make-up residues (Make up oils, Powder, Foundation, Blush, Highlighting powders, Eye shadow, Eye liner, Silicone, Cream residues, Sunscreen). For combination to oily or prone to oily skin.


> Deeply cleanses - my skin looks fresh, clean and brighter after use
> Works like a make-up remover with use of water
> Absorbs dirt and oil
> Developed for Asian skin
> Contains activated charcoal and Hydra IQ

> For the first three tries, I had a reaction of redness and itchiness on the face and neck. After continued use, I think my skin adjusted - no redness, lessened itchiness. This is my first time to have a reaction to a product, I don't have any allergies prior to this. I'm still finding out if I have an allergy to one of its components that is unique from all the other products I tried. Remember, the reaction of my skin may differ from others.

Spread it on circular motion on your face, avoid the eye areas. Take your time to massage your face with the foam, it can exfoliate dead skin, black heads, remove dirt and oil.


Buy again? 50% (Because of the skin reaction, I like how it cleans my face but the itchiness bothers me.)

Price: 50g - 90php
         100g - 150php

Where to buy? Watson's

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